Test. Test. Is This Thing On?

Hi. My name is Diana, and I am a city girl.  Well, I haven’t always been one.  In fact my husband and I just moved to Boston the beginning of April.  With this new territory came a new apartment, new job, new friends and a new budget!  I started couponing out of necessity.  Before we moved I had a great job, with a great salary, and enjoyed the good life.  Since I am unwilling to forgo a few of my expensive habits I have to save money in other places…. like the grocery store.  With a lot of time on my hands I researched and taught myself how to save 75-80% off my weekly grocery store bill…and 90% off drugstore purchases.  Those savings go directly towards fueling my expensive lululemon habit or our weekly dinner dates to some of Boston’s best restaurants.

This is a blog about my life.  I will discuss in detail my weekly shopping trips to the drug store and supermarket.  Including all coupon matchups and breakdowns of how I score such great savings so you can save big too!  I will also talk about life in between my shopping trips. 

A few things about me, and what you can expect from this blog.

1.)      My husband and I are self proclaimed foodies!  I love to cook, and luckily he likes to eat my cooking.  Almost everything I make is from scratch including home made pasta, bread, and pastries.  I will most definitely share recipes and photos of my successes (inevitably a few failures as well). 

2.)    We are not loyal to any type of food.  Prior to moving we ate out a lot.  Now this enjoyment has been cut down to once a week (our weekly date night).  So if you live in the Boston area, or plan to travel here some day you will know what to expect and order at some of the hottest spots.  Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian…you name it we love it and are excited to try it!

3.)    I work in the fitness industry.  Thank goodness right considering how much we eat in between my cooking and restaurant discovering!  Don’t be surprised if an exercise tip or two surfaces.

4.)    I am a wanna be crafter.  I like to make home made cards, and have been known to knit a scarf here and there.

5.)    I am an avid reader.  One of my most favorite things (next to coupon savings) is to sit in a library or dig through a musty box of books at a used book store.

That’s about it.  Let the journey begin!




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