No Coupon Sunday!

Today is Sunday, my favorite day of the week!  Not just because hundreds of dollars are delivered to me wrapped up in my newspaper, but mainly because Sunday is the one day of the week I do not work.  I can sleep in, sip the coffee my wonderful husband has brewed (he is a total coffee snob and that is the one thing I can never buy with coupons), and enjoy scouring the inserts for weekly deals.  Sunday is my little slice of heaven.

This morning I woke up to yet another perfectly beautiful day in Boston.  I snagged my cup of joe, nestled into the chair on the porch and flipped open the paper directly to the center section.  Truth be told I only read a small fraction of the actual paper.  Just like the Owl on the Tootsie roll pop commercial I go straight for the best part…the inside of the shell.  I glanced over the weekly store inserts…walgreens, cvs, target and couldn’t find any actual coupons.  Did I over look it?  Were they hiding within the pages of the newspaper almost beckoning me to read the headlines?  No, my paper had NO COUPON INSERTS!!!  What?!  Something must be wrong…someone stole my inserts.  My relaxing Sunday morning was now taking a sharp detour.  Luckily I am a city girl, and the local convenience store is only a quick walk away.  I figured I would just pop down there and get another paper.  I mean even the cost of two papers still can’t compare with the amount of savings I will get from those precious little inserts. 

Even at my local convenience store all of the news papers were missing the coupons.  What was going on here?!  Was I on a candid camera show, watching my every move to get a good laugh at how many stores will Diana check for a newspaper with coupons?  And then it dawned on me.  Right in front of my face was a sign notifying customers that they will be closing early tomorrow due to the holiday.  Of course, its Memorial day weekend…there are no inserts on the holidays.

So, I dragged myself back home, sunk onto the porch chair and actually read the newspaper!


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