Shopping (aka barganing)

My Walgreens Trip 5.30.11 70% Savings!

Typically I do my entire drugstore shopping at CVS.  I’m not sure why, but there seems to be one on every street corner here in Boston.  On a recent google search I saw there are over 52 CVS locations in Boston proper.  52!  That’s almost as manyCVS’ here as there are McDonald’s in Manhattan, and Boston is a much smaller city!   I guess CVS is an institution…just like Dunkin Donuts (which there seems to be at least two of on every street corner and they are ALWAYS busy).  No one drinks Starbucks in Boston, you pick up ‘ya lahge regulah coffee’ at dunk’s and then swing into CVS for god only knows what else.  I’m not going to show you what I bought at CVS this week.  Quite frankly it looks like I a robbed a candy store…and since candy doesn’t really fit the other lean aspect of my life, I will pretend it never happened.  (though all you candy lovers should stop reading and head straight CVS there are amazing candy deals this week!)

Yesterday I had the rare luxury of shopping at Walgreens.  There were some really awesome two day sales I wanted to take advantage of, and my husband graciously loaned me his car and credit card so I could make a special trip.  I fought the urge to shop for shoes and was a good girl sticking to exactly what was planned.  Not everything on my shopping list was on sale with a coupon. For example,  I’m planning on making some homemade granola tomorrow and we were out completely of honey and dried fruit.  If you were to copy my shopping trip without those items your bill would be even lower!

 There were a few other freebies I was hoping to buy yesterday, like Ritz crackerfuls and very cheep scott natural paper towels, but they were all sold out.  I should not have waited until the last day of the two day sale. Walgreens is a lot trickier to shop at than CVS or Rite Aid and you usually have to do a few transactions to spend the least amount of money out of pocket. Any way here is what I bought, and how I got the best deal.

Transaction #1:

Illy Latte Macchiato (for my coffee loving husband)

-Bought 1 at $2.00

-Get $ 2.00 Register Rewards (RR) (off your next order)= FREE

BC aspirin 6 powders

-Bought 1 at 1.50

-Get 1.50 RR (off your next order) =FREE

Total: spent $3.50 out of pocket (OOP) and got back $3.50 RR

Transaction #2

Arizona Tea (because I LOVE these)

-Buy one get one Free at $0.99 =.99 for two

Tropical Fruit Mix

-Bought 1 at 1.00

*Used 3.00 RR from first transaction

Total: Spent $0.00 out of pocket

Transaction #3

OFF! Clip on  Repellent

-Bought 2 at $6.99 each (2 day sale price)

Used (1) BOGO coupon from OFF website

Used (1) $2.00 off clip on Manufacture coupon

Used (1) $1.00 off OFF product Walgreens coupon

Total cost for product = $1.99 each (each one of these usually cost $10!)

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh

-Bought two at 2/$5 price

Used (2) $1.00 off 1 Oscar Mayer manufacture coupon

Total price for product= $1.50 each

Illy Caffe espresso drink (another surprise for Doug)

-Bought 1 at $2.00- get $2 RR (off your next purchase) =FREE


-Bought 1 at $4.29 n(two day sale price, normally $7.49)

Used (1) free honey Walgreens coupon=  FREE

Total for Transaction #3: $8.98 and I have $2 RR I can use next week off my purchases.  If you factor that in…Transaction #3 was $6.98

  • Spent out of Pocket today:  $12.48
  • RR remaining for next transaction: $2.00 for next week
  • SAVINGS of 70%. 

Certainly not my best, but 70% saved is not bad. Actually I guess I saved 100% since these purchases were made with Doug’s money ha.


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