Shopping (aka barganing)

CVS trip 06/06. $3.71 for $38.87 worth of merchandise! 93% savings!!

The key to successful couponing is to be prepared.  You cannot go into a store without a game plan and expect to win.  Investing a few moments at the start of each week creating a well a devised plan will save you huge long term.  Unfortunately this week, I planned too well.   I over trained for the match at hand.  Last night as I scoured the ads and matched up coupons I calculated that my final bill should be $0.00. Yes that’s right, $0.00 for $38.87 worth of merchandise.  In reality my total bill was -$1.50.  HUGE PROBLEM as CVS does not allow for underage.  So, I had to find another product worth $1.50 to bring my final bill up to $0.00.  I grabbed a pack of gum that should have been $1.67.  Nope, the gum was on sale so my total was still -$.27.  grrrr.  Rather than grabbing yet another item I did not really want I returned the gum and grabbed this cool Sally Hansen Crackle coat nail polish I have been wanting to try (on sale for $4.97 this week).  So after all was said and done, I ended up spending $3.71 out of pocket.  On the downside it was $3.71 more than I planned to spend, but on a positive note I got some great deals and very cool nail polish.

It took me about 20mins Sunday night to prepare my game plan for CVS today.  This will be the first of hopefully two trips to the drugstore this week.  The deal on Oral B toothbrushes is so awesome I want another one of the battery operated ones, but only have one coupon for it at this time.  I have to wait for the coupons my mom clips and sends me each week to arrive in the mail so I can grab another one.  Also on sale this week is Excedrin headache medicine 8count for $.99 and you get $.99 Extra Care Bucks back making it FREE!  The CVS near my house was all sold out, but since I pass over 5 CVS’s on my walk to work every day (true, I really do) I will check another one to see if they have any in stock.

Here’s how I got the best deal today:

Transaction #1:

Oral-B Pulsar Tooth brush (very excited about this battery operated brush!)

        -On sale for $6.00 (normally $6.99)

        -Used (1) manufacture coupon for $3.00 off

        -Used 3 Extra care bucks (ECB) from last trip

        Total cost of Product = $0.00 FREE, got $3 ECB back!

Transaction #2:

Colgate 360 Surround tooth brush

        -Bought 2, On Sale for $2.79 each (normally $4.99 each)

        -Used (2) $1.00 off any Colgate product coupon

Total Cost of Product= $1.79 each, got back $2.00 ECB (made $.21 each!)

 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste

        -Bought 2, on sale for $2.79 each (normally $3.29)

        -Used (2) $1.00 off Colgate product coupon

        Total cost of product= $1.79 each, got back $2.00 ECB (made $.21 each)

Used $3 ECB from first transaction and $4 ECB from previous week

Total cost of Transaction #2= $.16 (sales tax only!)

Transaction #3

Crest Pro-Health complete

        -Bought 1, on sale for $4.50 (normally $7.49)

        -Used 1 $2.00 off crest coupon

        Total cost of product= $2.50, got back $2.50 ECB making it FREE!

Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish

        -Bought 1, on sale for $4.99 (normally $7.39)

        Total Cost of product= $4.99

Used $4.00 ECB from transaction #2

Total cost of Transaction out of Pocket #3= $3.71 and got $2.50 ECB for next week!!

The moral of this blog is: Prepare for the game before you shop, and be willing to adjust your plan based on the opponent’s response!

Thank you to Cheryl at for her awesome deal advice!


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