Shopping (aka barganing)

FREE John Frieda products. Actually, they will PAY you $3.00 to take them home

I’m not sure how I missed this amazing deal during my cvs trip on Monday.  Luckily I noticed it on simply cvs and was able to snag two freebies today when I went back to buy throat lozenges (my allergies have been off the charts this week!)  Few, I redeemed myself in the world of bargain hunting 🙂

John Frieda products (typically expensive) are on sale for $5.00 each at CVS this week.  Simultaneously, one of CVS’ weekly specials is when you spend $10.00 on John Frieda products, you get 3 extra care bucks (ECB) back.  To make this deal even sweeter some portions of the country were fortunate to receive $5.00 off one John Frieda product coupons in the smart source insert of the newspaper this past Sunday.  Boston was one of the lucky cities!  I am including a picture of my receipt…right at $0.00 (no underage problem today) 

So I bought:

John Frieda Shampoo on sale for $5.00 (normally $8.42)

  • Used (1) $5.00 off coupon
  • Total cost of product = $0.00 FREE

John Frieda Conditioner on sale for $5.00 (normally $8.42)

  • Used (1) $5.00 off coupon
  • Total Cost of Product=$0.00 FREE

AND I got 3 ECB bucks back…I made $3 to take these products home

So what are you waiting for?  This sale ends Saturday.  Grab your Sunday coupons, cvs card, and get paid to take these babies home with you!  Please leave a comment below if you find any other amazing deals I happen to miss this week!


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