Coupon Jackpot!!!

Normally Sunday’s are my only day off from work, and every momment is like a little slice of heaven for me.  I have the opportunity to sleep in, savor the coffee my husband makes, and leisurely flip through the paper over pancakes and sausage.  Today there would be no “slice of heaven” in my life….today I had to work.   There was no time for pancakes, the coffee he made was dumped into a travel mug, I couldn’t savor the paper, nor did I have time to create a plan of attack on CVS.

 As I reluctantly dragged myself into work, thinking about my husband at home savoring one too many cups of coffee without me, the most wonderful thing happened.  I hit the jackpot!!  The coupon jackpot!!!!

As you all know I work for a health club.  A very lovely expensive health club.  During the week most members bring along their daily editions of The New York Times, Boston Globe, or Financial Review to scour while killing themselves on the treadmill.  They then leave behind their finished papers in a “newspaper stand” for other members to pick up and read while pounding out miles on the treadmill.  I guess I figured everyone took the day off from the gym on Sunday’s to enjoy their own personal slice of heaven, but they don’t.  Like clockwork hundreds of members were in the club, reading the paper, and leaving the remnants behind for others.  Today that paper recipient was me.  I plucked the coupon inserts out of every abandoned paper. 

Maybe, just maybe, there was a little slice of heaven in my Sunday after all 🙂


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