Shopping (aka barganing)

CVS trip 6/13. $76.09 worth of merchandise for only $9.84… 85% SAVINGS!!

Today I did the unthinkable….I went to CVS without a plan! *gasp*

Normally I like to map out a detailed plan prior to any coupon shopping, and make my first trip to the drugstore on Sunday afternoon (the day the sale begins before everything is sold out) and even then sometimes the item will be gone).  Unfortunately, since I had to work yesterday I didn’t have time to create a plan of attack…I just hit the store blindly with my coupon binder and CVS weekly ad.  All in all I would say I did pretty well considering I leaped without looking.  I probably could have done much better had I actually prepared or didn’t give in to the Goody Hair products temptation (but I have been wanting some new headbands).

Remember I had 2.50 Extra Care Bucks (ECB) from last week’s CVS trip, 3 ECB from the John Freida Hair deal and another 1ECB from a milk run a made in the middle of the week (which I didn’t blog about)…so I had $6.50 total to start.

It took 4 transactions. Here is how I got the best deals:

Transaction #1:

1 Schick Hydro 3 Razor

-On sale for $8.00 (normally $9.39)

-Used (1) $4 off MFR coupon (in this week’s paper)

-Used 4 ECB

Total Cost of Product= $0.00 FREE, got back 3 ECB     

Transaction #2:

1 Zyrtec

-On sale for $5.99 (normally $6.99)

-used 5.50 ECB

*after coming home I read on another blog that there is a $4 off zyrtec coupon out there so this could be a money maker!

Total Cost of Product = $.53, got back 5.99 ECB FREE

Transaction #3:

Soft Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Soft Scrub Bleach (Finally!!!  I have been waiting for a toilet bowl cleaner deal!  My parents are coming in town must clean well!)

-On sale for 2/ $5.00 (normally $5 each)

-Used (1) Buy one get one free coupon

Total Cost of Products= $2.50 for both!

1 Schick Hydro 5 cartridges

            –On sale for $8.79 (normally 12.99)

                -Used (1) 2.00 off MFR coupon (in this weeks paper)

-Used 5.99 ECB

Total Cost of Product= $.80, got back 4 ECB!

Transaction #4:

V8 Juice

            -On sale for 3/7.98 (normally $3.69 each)

-Used (3) $1 off MFR coupons

Total Cost of Product= $4.98 for 3

CVS batteries

            -On sale for Buy one get one free (normally $6.79 each)

-Used (2) $1 off coupon (from magic coupon machine at store)

Total Cost of Products= $4.79 for both!

Goody Head Bands (okay so I so didn’t need these, but I wanted them! 🙂

-On sale for 2/$10 (normally $6 each)

Total Cost of Product = $10, get back 3 ECB

Transaction #4 Check Out:

-Used (1) 30% off total purchase (printed out on last receipt when I bought the  milk mid week) took $5.93 off total

-Used 4 ECB bucks from transaction #3

Transaction #4 total spent out of pocket $9.84, have 3 ECB left over for next week

So today I spent $9.84 for $76.09 worth of products.  Over 85% savings!!!

Not bad for an unplanned day…..imagine what I could have done with a little homework


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