Shopping (aka barganing)

Only $3.57 for $43.31 worth of stuff (CVS trip 6/19)

Sunday, my favorite day of the week was even more special than usual yesterday.  My parents are in town visiting and we spent a lovely weekend strolling through the shops of Newport, gazing at the mansions on 12 mile drive, indulging on lobster rolls, frozen pudding, fried clam strips and of course making a weekly trip to CVS.

My mom was more than eager to help me with my shopping and learn how to work the CVS system.  Her “helping” created a few glitches, but we made out okay.  We may even go back to CVS to snag one more of the power bar deals with her card (since its limited to one per CVS card)

Transaction #1 :

Colgate Total Gum Defense toothpaste

                -Bought 1 @ $2.79 (normally $3.89)

                -Used (1) $1 off manufacture coupon

                Cost of Product= $1.79 out of pocket, got back 2 Extra Care Bucks (ECB)

Colgate 360 Surround tooth brush

                -Bought 1 @ $2.79 (normally $4.99)

                -Used (1) $1 off manufacture coupon

                Cost of Product = $1.79, got back 2 ECB

Total cost of transaction #1 breakdown:

                -$3.58, used 3 ECB from last week.

                -Spent $.58 out of pocket, got back 4 ECB

Transaction #2:

Power Bar Energy/Protein Bites

                -Bought 2 @ $2.49 (normally $2.99 each)

                -Used (1) buy one get one free power bar product coupon

                Cost of Product= $2.49, get back $2.49 ECB = FREE

Total Cost of transaction #2 break down:

                Used2 ECB, cost $.49 out of pocket, got back 2.49 ECB

Transaction #3

Shick Hydro 5 Razor and Shick Hydro 5 cartridge

                –Bought 1 @ 12.99 (buy one get one free sale)

                -Used (1) $4.00 off Razor manufacture coupon

                -Used (1) $2.00 off cartridge manufacture coupon

                -Used 4.49 ECB

                Cost of Product= $2.50 for both!!!!

 Grand total today: $43.31 worth of merchandise for $3.57!

Geez I really hope CVS has some different deals going on next week….we do not need anymore schick hydro 5 razors or cartridges for a LONG time.  Guess every one is getting one in their christmas stocking this year 😉

A special thanks to simply CVS, I always check my plan here to see if I have missed any great coupon matchups


4 thoughts on “Only $3.57 for $43.31 worth of stuff (CVS trip 6/19)

    • In the buy one get one off on the shick if i have a coupon for for bothh the razor and refill will they honor them both?

      • Hi Oscar,
        Thats exactly right! You are allowed to use one manufactor coupon per item. So in the case of the razors which are buy one get one free, you are buying two products and therefor are allowed to use two manufactor coupons!

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