Shopping (aka barganing)

70% Savings At CVS This Week

As I glanced over the CVS add yesterday morning I was disappointed to see it was going to be a slow bargain shopping week.  Not really a lot of items on sale, hardly anything (that I needed) offering extra care bucks back, and very limited coupon match-ups.  Of course the Schick Hydro razors were on sale AGAIN (you could snag two for $.45 each), but I most definitely did not need any more of those.  Rather than deciding to skip the drugstore all together this week I gave the ad a second review and found these little gems.

Transaction #1:

PH Brilliant Tampons

                Bought (1) on sale for $6.79 (normally $7.29)

                Used (1) $1.00 off manufacture coupon

                Total Cost: Spent $5.79 out of pocket (OOP) got back 6.79 Extra Care Bucks

                $1 MONEYMAKER!!!!!

Transaction #2:

Bottled Beverages (Honest Tea, Fuze, Powerade)

                Bought (5) on sale for $1 each (normally $1.88)

                Used (2) $1.00 off honest tea coupons

                Total Cost: Spent $3.00, get back 2 Extra Care Bucks back; total cost $1 for 5!

Quaker Oatmeal (I needed this to make more granola this week)

                Bought 2 on sale for $5.79 (normally $6.67)

                Buy one get one free sale

                Total Cost: $5.79 for 2

Total Cost of Transaction #2: $8.79, used 6.79 Extra Care Bucks from Transaction #1 = $2.00 Out of Pocket, and I have 2 Extra Care Bucks left over for next week 🙂

Grand Total: Spent $8.79 for $29 worth of items. Not great, but not bad for a slow week. 70% Savings!

A lot of regions throughout the country also have an awesome CVS deal on Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion…potential $4 money maker.  The Boston area is not one of those lucky regions, but my mom did snag this great deal in Ohio, so make sure you really look closely at the ad before hitting the drugstore.


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