Shopping (aka barganing)

93% Savings. CVS trip 7/17

Yesterday was our anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a year all ready. It feels like only yesterday my father walked me down the aisle dressed in the gown of my dreams (that we got from Filene’s basement running of the bride sale) to marry my best friend, the love of my life.

It is tradition on your first anniversary to give a gift of “paper.” I gave my husband paper tickets to see Cirque du Soleil in NYC (okay this was actually more of a gift for me than him, but he enjoyed it!) and yesterday morning he gave me the most amazing paper gift of all.…a Sunday subscription to The Boston Globe Newspaper!! Typically the first thing I do on Sunday morning is throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, drag myself down to the corner store, and go through the painful process of deciding which newspaper to buy. The Boston Globe and The Boston Harold both contain the same number of coupon inserts, but that’s were their similarities end. If I’m buying the paper for the sole purpose of its coupon contents I pick up a Harold (only $2.00) however, if I plan to do more than skim the headlines and actually read the paper, or if my husband has any say in the matter, we splurge and buy the Globe for $3.50. Thanks to him I will never have to make this tough decision again. I will never have to sleep walk my way to the store…I will just open the front door and have instant gratification.

To top it off, this amazing husband of mine gave up his Sunday afternoon to make couponing trips to both Shaw’s grocery store and CVS with me. This was a pretty slow week at CVS, but an outstanding week at Shaw’s (I will blog about that tomorrow). Nothing really caught my eye at CVS this week. There were some toothbrushes you could pick up for free (but we don’t really need any of those) and great gas card deals (but we don’t have a car) so I just used some of our extra care bucks to buy items we need. CVS actually had the best deal on milk out of every store in our area. So for only $.49 out of pocket we took home 2 Seattle Best Iced Coffee drinks, and a gallon of milk. Not bad.

Transaction Break Down:

Bought (2) Seattle’s Best Iced Coffee Drinks

-On Sale for $1.59

-Used (2) Free 9oz Seattle’s Best Coffee Coupons

-Total= FREE

Bought (1) Galon of Milk

-On Sale for $3.49 (great price for our area now)

-Used 3 Extra Care bucks

-Total Cost $.49

$.49 for $6.67 worth of stuff…. 93% savings


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