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Even the Leanest Lives Deserve a Little Luxury!!!!


Prior to moving to Boston I didn’t realize how many of the things I considered “necessities” were actually luxuries.  Dishwashers, washer and dryers, cars, and even air conditioning are all luxuries!!!   As one of my friends told me while we were in the process of moving…”you have to adjust your expectations.  Boston is an old city, you will not find new and shiny there.”  She was right…

Boston is one of the oldest cities in The United States (founded in 1630) and therefore most of the buildings and homes (including ours) are very old.  Our house was built over 100 years ago in the early 1900’s, only a few years after the first gasoline cars were roaming the roads and way before electricity or central air.

If you run your fingers along the wall in our dining room you can feel the texture of paisley wall paper through hundreds of coats of paint.  Wires line the baseboards brining electricity to one single outlet in every room.  Cracked paint in the pantry door frame reveal glimpses of neon green (all the rage in the 60’s).   We do not have a garbage disposal and I’m fairly certain the refrigerator and gas stove are originals (I prefer to call them vintage).

When we first moved in I cried.  It took a while for me to look beyond the old exterior to see the beautiful craftsmanship in every inch of our home.  Now, only four months later I absolutely love our apartment.  I love that it’s located within the most adorable “European style” square.  Littered with coffee shops, pubs, and even a local butcher shop (where I buy all our meat).  I wouldn’t trade the convenience of mopping hard wood floors over vacuuming rooms of carpets for anything, and the enormous front AND back porches not only are the perfect place to sit on a cool afternoon, but have also become home to my “city garden” (pots of tomatoes, green peppers, and herbs).  Yes, I have come to over look every pitfall of our apartment…except for one.  I CAN NOT live without air conditioning!!!!!

As our moving truck pulled up outside the house April 1st snow still covered the ground. (Unfortunately, you read that right, it still snows here in April).  We were lucky to find an apartment that met all of my qualifications: a two bedroom, within less than a 5 minute walk of the redline train, with a dishwasher and washer and dryer.  If you have ever lived in Boston you know this is a nearly an impossible feat!  Having grown up in upstate NY (and lived over 15 years of my life) without central air I thought for sure there was no way we would need an air conditioner even farther north here in Boston.  I was wrong!

Those of you reading this Blog who know me personally, know that I am always cold….I typically can’t stand air-conditioning.  Even in the summer I wear a sweater.  My husband however is the complete opposite he is always overly heated.  100 years ago when this house was built they had no idea the effects “the industrial revolution” was having on our environment.  That years later we would be effected by global warming, making each year hotter and hotter.  Rooms were not created with air flow in mind because temperatures were always cool and for most of the year cold.  Today even when temperatures are cool outside, the air inside is our house is stagnant, stale, sticky, and hot…IMPOSSIBLE to sleep even with box fans blowing directly on you, and ice packs under the sheets.  I have determined that Bostonians are wrong…air-conditioning is not a luxury it is an absolute necessity and should be a given right!

Last week, my wonderful husband bought us an air-conditioner.  I mean, even the leanest lives need a little luxury right? 🙂



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