Shopping (aka barganing)

Only $2.29 for $11.70 worth of items

CVS has some HOT deals this week….if you have a car.  Grabbing a free $10 gas card is super easy this week, check out my favorite CVS website, simply cvs for ideas on how.

However, since I do not have a car I walked away with only Pens and Paper towels.  Next week is the start of a new month so I’m sure there will be plenty up for grabs.

Here is what I got today:

PaperMate Pens (grabbed the last pack!!)

  • On sale for $1.99 (normally 2.20)
  • Used 1.69 ECB from a few weeks ago
  • Paid  $.30 out of pocket, got back 1.99 ECB = FREE

Bounty Paper Towels

  • ON sale for $7.99 (normally 8.87)
  • Used (1) $1 off coupon
  • Used 3 ECB (from a few weeks ago, and 2.00 ECB from Pen transaction)
  • Paid $ 1.99 out of pocket, got back 1 ECB

In total today I spent $2.29 for $11.70 worth of items, and I have 1 ECB left over for next week.  Small, but still saving


2 thoughts on “Only $2.29 for $11.70 worth of items

    • Hi!!
      I was just thinking about you yesterday, and realizing I hadven’t stopped by your site in a while. The weather here is MUCH cooler now. I hope you had a great weekend!!

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