Shopping (aka barganing)

TONS of freebies at walgreens this week!

I cheated on CVS…..

…..With Walgreens! *gasp*

Well, I’m not neglecting CVS entirely. In fact I did stop by after my major Walgreens trip, but they were all out of Skinny cow chocolate (the cornerstone of my shopping plan) so I will try another location tomorrow.

I heavily debated over making this trip to Walgreens. I don’t usually like to shop there as I find their registrar reward system less user friendly than CVS. Transactions have certain stipulations, and the closest location is three train stops away from my house. Even with all those circumstances I was too weak to resist Walgreens alluring deals and amazing freebies this week.

 I got $40 worth of stuff for $7

Transaction #1

Crayola Markers

  • -On sale for $2
  • -Get back 2 Register Rewards (RR) = FREE

Goody Hair Clips

  •  -On sale for $2
  •  -Get 2 RR back = FREE

Transaction #1

Spend: $4.00 …..Get Back: 4 RR

Transaction #2

Bioglan Kids Smart DHA-Omega Fish Oil

(No, we don’t have kids, but we do eat fish every meal. It has great Omega 3, great for your cardiovascular system, and studies have shown that consuming 3 grams a day aids in fat loss!)

  • -On sale for $7
  •  -Get back 7 RR = FREE
  • -Use 4 RR from transaction #1

Transaction #2 Spend: $3 Get back: 7 RR

Transaction #3

 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 packs

  • -Bought 2 on sale for $5 each
  • -Use (1) $1 off Walgreens coupon (In August in store book)
  • -Use (2) $1.00 off coupons (from Sunday paper 7/17)
  • -makes item $3 each; get back $3.50RR (Sunday was the last day to get RR back on this)


(I got these as filler. Since I had three coupons I needed 3 items.)

-On sale for $.39

*At this point I tried to use my 7 RR from transaction #2 to buy these items, but it wouldn’t go through…I had a negative balance. Rather than just grab a pack of gum I snagged these hot dog buns. (These will come in very handy as we are going camping in Maine this weekend)

Hot Dog Buns

  • -On sale for $1.29, but for some reason there was a .50 off sticker on it
  • -Use 7 RR from transaction #2

spend $0.18 for all items!!! Get back: 3.50 RR

Transaction #4

Since I never shop at Walgreens I didn’t want to risk forgetting about these RR, so I bought some other things we may need on the camping trip

  • Vitamin Water -On sale for $1
  • Smart Water -On sale for $1
  • Eggs -On sale for $1.29
  • Folders (Fillers to bring my total to $0) -on sale for $.11

Spend: $0.00 = EVERYTHING FREE

Even the loyalist CVS fan, could not be upset with this great 93% savings today. Spending only $7.18 for $40 worth of stuff. The only item I paid for today was the fish oil, everything else ( markers, 6 hair clips, 24 rolls of toilet paper, 8 hot dog buns, 6 high lighters, 2 pocket folders, vitamin water, smart water and eggs were FREE!


5 thoughts on “TONS of freebies at walgreens this week!

  1. I have to agree.. I’m not a big Walgreens fan either. I actually would prefer NOT to go there! But this was too good a week to pass up especially for school supplies and with their FREEBEE items!

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