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There will always be another sale…..

When you being to master the art of “couponing” your outlook on grocery shopping changes….no longer just a mundane weekly task, shopping becomes more of an event…something you look forward to.  I love to plan out shopping trips, calculate how much money I save each week, and share those savings with all of you.

Unlike most Monday’s you will not find any trips to the drugstore documented today.  No free items or money makers.  Not even a single coupon match up to be found.  Honestly, I didn’t even look at the store ads this week.  Because this week I need save even bigger……100%, and the only way to do that is to not shop at all!

Now I know what you might be thinking.  Isn’t that the reason why we shop with coupons to save money and get things for free?  Yes it is, but my primary goal is to save my family money, and no matter how well you plan out a shopping trip you will inevitably have to spend some small amount out of pocket.   It’s impossible to try to snag every great deal, or jump on each store’s weekly free items. And honestly, do you really want to?  I’ve never seen the show extreme couponing (since we do not have cable television) but from what I’ve heard people stock up a ton of items! Rooms filled from floor to ceiling with toilet paper and toothpaste.  Honestly I can totally understand how quickly this could happen to someone.  For example in the month of June Schick hydro 5 razors were free at CVS EVERY WEEK.  I kept buying them thinking “hey they are free or only $.07 each” but before I knew it I had 10 razors…10! No one needs 10 razors, so I started giving some away. 

When I was younger I can remember how excited I would be to show my father when I would get a great deal.  “Look at these new jeans I bought Dad, they are normally $60, but I got them on sale for $30, isn’t that a great deal?”  He would usually reply with “yes that IS a great deal,  if you really needed new jeans, but if you didn’t you would have saved even more money not buying them at all!” His lesson to me which I now share with all of you is: no matter how great the sale is if you’re buying an item you don’t really need than you are still wasting money.   When you have enough of an item you need, don’t spend your money buying more…put it in the bank!   At that point who cares if you can get a box of pasta for $.04 if you already have 10 boxes at home?  In this case it would make more sense to put that $.04 in the bank, and when your getting low on pasta boxes then get more.

There will always be another sale!

 It’s easy to get over excited and try to snap up every great deal that comes along, and when you’re getting items for next to nothing, most of the time it’s okay if you don’t need them right.  However, every once in a while it’s good to take a break.  Go a week without spending any money at all.  Put all the money you would have spent into a savings account, and take the time to actually use some of your back up supply. 

Remember there will always be another sale, and another opportunity to save BIG!


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