Shopping (aka barganing)

This is why I love CVS!

It feels so good to be back!

I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I stepped foot in a CVS (no wonder my extra care bucks were about to expire!)  Last week I took a week off of shopping all together.

No drugstore.

No grocery store.

No nothing.

We didn’t even eat out.  In fact, I didn’t spend a single penny…and it was great!  The week before last, I cheated on CVS with Walgreens.  So yesterday was sort of a homecoming, returning to my favorite store…and what a great week it was!  Make sure you scan your extra care card at “the magic coupon machine” when you first walk in the store.  I had three freebies print out for me!  One coupon for a FREE box of fabric CVS bandaids (20 count), one for FREE carefree panty liners (20 count) and one for a FREE Hershey’s Carmelo candy bar (my store was out of these).

"Magic Coupon Machine"

I started out with only 3 Extra Care bucks and ended up walking away with $25 worth of items for only $1.70!! woot woot AND I have 1 extra care buck remaining which I wanted to use to buy trident gum (they are on sale for $.99 each) and there was a $2.00 off three packs of gum coupon in the Sunday paper last week…so this would make 3 packs for only $.99 but since the extra care amount is for $1.00 that would make my balance negative and as you know CVS does not allow underage, so I decided to hold on to the coupon and extra care buck for next week.

Here is how I made out:

Transaction #1:

G Fit Recovery drinks (this week sale…spend $5 on Gfit series get 5 Extra care bucks back)

  • -Bought (2) at $2.50 (the GFit 1 and 2 are only $1 each), get 5 ECB back = FREE

CVS flexible band aid,20ct

  • -Bought one on sale for $4.19 (coupon good for up to $4.29 so made $.10 on these)=FREE

Carefree panty liners

  • -Bought one for $1.67 (coupon good for up to $1.87 so I made $.20 on these!)=FREE


  • (1) CVS coupon took $4.29 off
  • (1) Carefree coupon took $1.87 off
  • (3) Extra care bucks from last trip

AND it was no tax weekend in Mass…so my grand total was $1.70 and I got 5 Extra Care bucks back!

Transaction #2

Healthy Choice Meals (on sale for 2/$4 normally $7.95 each)

  • -Bought (2) get 1 Extra care buck back

Pop Corn (I needed something to bring my total to $5 and I was kinda craving it…don’t judge 😉

  • -Bought (1) for $1.00


(5) extra care bucks from first transaction = $0.00 and got 1 Extra care buck back!

So all in all I spent $1.70 out of pocket for $25 worth of stuff AND I have one Extra care buck back…..

….this is why I love CVS! 🙂


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