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And we are back!!! $70 worth of stuff for $12

It has been a LONG time since I posted an entry on this blog.  Surely, if I didn’t use my computer for other purposes a thick layer of dust would have formed across the top of the keyboard, and cob webs would have inhabited each corner of my monitor.   I can almost feel the tumbleweed blowing through this living leaner ghost town.

(Image from

I apologize for my absence.  Honestly, I just haven’t been doing much bargain shopping.  The CVS deals didn’t entice me, the past few weeks at the grocery store have been slow, and I just didn’t feel like I had any words of wisdom to pass along.  Like anything in life there are ups and downs with couponing.  Sometimes your all gun ho, other times just not feeling it.  I still went to CVS for the great milk deal, and shopped all of whole food’s sales, but I just didn’t feel it was great enough to write about. 

Not to worry though, today we are going to oil this rusty blog and get right back on track!!!!

Today is Labor Day which marks the end of summer, the beginning of a new chapter…fall!  I have decided that every penny saved throughout the fall months (September, October and November) I am going to put into a “holiday fund.”  Savings to purchase plane tickets home for the holidays and of course Christmas presents….let’s hope I can save a lot.  Here we go:

Staples and CVS trip 09/05/11 :


I opened the paper and pens before this picture to print a coupon and write my shopping list for CVS ha!

Hammermill CopyPlus paper 500 sheets

    -Bought (2) at 4.99 each

    -Easy Rebate for 4.98 = $.01 each!!!!!  Yes, $.02 for 1,000 sheets of paper!

WOW sparkle gel  pens 4 count

     -Bought (1) at 2.99

    -Easy Rebate for 2.98 = $.01

Scotch tape

   -Bought (3) on sale for $.50 each

  -Used $1.00 off 3 coupon (good thing I brought my coupon book!)

 -$.50 for 3 rolls of scotch tape

Staples total = $.52 cents for 1,000 sheets of paper, 4 pens, and 3 rolls of tape.  pretty darn good

(Saved, $18.94 for the holiday fund at Staples)

CVS rocked today!!  Make sure you check out the sale section.  All of the summer items were on 75% off.  Including lawn chairs and charcoal.

(photo credit, my wonderful hubby Doug Linn)


6 can cooler lunchbox

   -normally $6.00 in clearance for $1.99

Carefree panty liners 20 count

  •    -Bought (1) on sale for $1.00 (normally $1.67)
  •   -Used (1) CVS $.50 off coupon manufacture coupon
  •   – Got back 1 Extra Care Buck (ECB) = $.50 MONEYMAKER!

Skintimate Shaving Cream

  •    -Bought (1) on sale for $1.99 (normally $4.59)
  •    -Used (1) CVS $1 off coupon (printed from website)
  •   -Used (1) $1 off printable manufacture coupon = FREE

Suave deodorants

  •   -Bought (2) on sale for $.99 (normally $1.38)
  • -Used (1) $1.00 off 2 manufacture coupon = $.50 each

Hershey Air Delight Bar

  •    -Bought (2) on sale for $.99
  •   -Used (1) BOGO coupon from paper last week
  •   -Got Back 1 ECB= 2 for FREE!

Milkyway Bar

  •   -Bought (1) on sale for $1.19
  •   -Used (1) FREE milkyway bar coupon from magic coupon machine

Transaction #1 breakdown: used 2 ECB from last shopping trip. Total = $2.77 got back 2 ECB

Transaction #2:

Physicians formula organic green mascara

  •  -Bought (1) at 10.79
  •  -Got back 7 ECB (when you spend $10 on physicians products…I needed mascara too!)

Transaction #2 breakdown: used 2 ECB from transaction #1 Total= 9.35 got back 7 ECB

Transaction #3:

Phillips Color Tunes Headphones

  •   –Bought (1) on sale for $6.99 (normally $9.99)
  •   -Got back 5 ECB

Transaction #3 breakdown: used 7 ECB from transaction #1 Total- $0.00, got back 5 ECB

(saved 28.90 at CVS for holiday fund) and have 5 ECB for next week!

All in all I spent $12co.15 for $60.99 worth of stuff at CVS and staples, with $5 left for next week 🙂

….We are back on track 🙂



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