Shopping (aka barganing)

I made $4 to take all this home! Yes, got all the products for free AND an extra $4 in my pocket :)

What's better than free. Getting paid to take them out of the store

HOT deals at CVS!!  Please do not miss out on these this week!

Unfortunately, the CVS near my house was all out of airwick odor detectors, so I held off on doing all my typical Sunday drugstore shopping until today, visiting the location near my work.  The positive news is the other CVS had airwick’s but were all out of the other freebies.  Oh well, can’t win them all and I really shouldn’t complain about this money making trip!

Transaction…only one this week:

Bought (2) Airwick Freshmatic Odor/detect

  •  -On sale for $7.99 each (normally $15.29)
  • -Used (2) $4/1 airwick odor detect manufacture coupons

Bought (2) Dawn Dish detergents

  • -On sale for $.99 (normally $1.77)
  • -Used (1) $1 off/1 Dawn+ manufacture coupon
  • -Used (1) $.50 off /1Dawn manufacture coupon

Bought (1) Finish Gell pack

  • -On sale for $2.99 (normally $7.40)
  • -Used (1) $.75 off/1 manufacture coupon

Bought (1) Newtons Fruit thins

  • -NOT on sale for $4.19
  • -Used (1) FREE newton fruit thins coupon from magic coupon machine

Transaction break down

  • *My total before scanning the CVS card and coupons was $44.77. 
  • *After scanning the card, the total was $24.95
  • *Post Coupons =  $10.70
  • *I used 5 extra care bucks from last week making my total $5.70

*When you spend $20 on airwick, finish or woolite products you get 10 Extra care bucks back…. so I made $4.30 to take these items home!!!!!  SPENT $5.70  out of pocket, and got $10 back.  $4 MONEY MAKER!!!!




3 thoughts on “I made $4 to take all this home! Yes, got all the products for free AND an extra $4 in my pocket :)

    • Oh no….honestly, if you want one of the airwicks I got you can have it. I set up one in what we call “cat room” where our two liter boxes are, and the sent (even on the lowest setting) is too strong for me. I would be happy to mail you one if you like… 🙂

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