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Why am I embarrassed to get things for free?!?!


What is wrong with me?

Why is it, every time I am “caught in the act” of couponing I get a little embarrassed?  I’m not stealing.  I’m not doing anything wrong…infact I’m doing everything right.  Today I got over $30 worth of stuff for free!  So why am I embarrassed?

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It’s strange.  Sometimes I am so proud to be a savy shopper I boast about my savings.  Suggesting others to swing by a store and pick up a similar sale or forwarding a link to my blog.  Other times I am slightly ashamed…hiding in the frozen food isle as I organize my coupons or apologizing profusely to the cashier for my stack of savings.

As most of you know I started this venture in couponing about 6 months ago out of necessity.  When we first moved to Boston I was only making about $125 a week and my husband’s modest research salary could not support my expensive taste.  Now that I finally have my feet underneath me (making comparable to what I was before we moved) we no longer need to coupon.  But why would I stop?  Why would I pay for something I can get for free?  Its kinda like if someone asked you “would you rather pay $900 for that jacket or $250 (which incidentally I did snag a stunning $900 Theory down jacket last week at TJmaxx runway for $200!) The answer is simple, of course you would want to pay less.  What it is that makes me feel embarrassed or ‘inferior’ those who do not use coupons.  Is it this very reason that most people do not use coupons?  They don’t want to feel ‘caught in the act’

So, here it is.  This is what I was “caught” buying today at CVS which caused me to turn a little red in the face.  It’s not even the products which I’m embarrassed by (in fact my items were all ready bagged so there was no way my co-worker even knew what I bought) She didn’t poke fun at me…just made a simple statement “coupon shopping?” (with the questioning inflection in her voice) that caused me to hang my head.  In retrospect I should have said “yes, in fact I am shopping with coupons.  Go grab yourself one of each of these items and I’ll show you how to get it for free.”  Anyway…enough muddling over what I can not change.  Here is what I bought:

Soft Soap Body Wash:

-Bought (2) on sale for 2/$6

-Used (2) $1/1 coupons from this week’s paper

-Got back 4 Extra care bucks= FREE

Schick Quattro Razor

-Bought (1) on sale for $8.99 (normally 13.79)

-Used (1) $5/1 manufacture printable coupon (from smartsource)

-Got back 4 Extra Care Bucks = FREE

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

(we so did not need this, and I’m sure my husband will yell at me for buying it eh)

-Bought (1) on sale for $2.99 (normally 4.80)

-Used (1) $1.50 off manufacture coupon (from last week’s sunday newspaper)

-Got back 1 Extra Care Buck = $.49 for toothpaste


(always buy this when it pops up…such a great deal)

-Bought (1) at $3.49

-Used (1) $1.00 off coupon (Mailed to my house, I signed up for over the summer)

-Get back 1 Extra care buck= $1.49 for a gallon of milk woot woot!!!!

  • Total before coupons: $31.50
  • After card and coupons: $11.92
  • Used 10 Extra care bucks from last week: 1.92 total
  • Spent $1.97 out of pocket and got back another 10 Extra Care bucks!


Now, what is there to be embarrassed about with that?! Nothing, in fact I should be quite proud!





6 thoughts on “Why am I embarrassed to get things for free?!?!

  1. I too feel the same way I can’t wait to brag on my blog or to my family and friends but in the store I find myself hiding out and looking for the right cashier and if someone gets behind me inline I start sweating with fear of what will they think.

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