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13 FREE items!!!


Yesterday I did something crazy…new, and that I had never tried before.  In addition to visiting Salem Massachusetts (Halloween capital of the world, which was indeed crazy) for the very first time ever I shopped at Rite Aid! Yep, I shopped at Rite Aid, and you know what?  I kinda liked it.

I’m not sure when or why I developed this negative stigma with Rite Aid.  It could be due to the fact the Rite Aid in my neighborhood looks “questionable’ from the outside.  Or perhaps this negativity occurred when they altered their coupon policy.  For whatever the reason I have never stepped foot inside one.  Quite like Walgreens, I typically do not even peruse through the weekly sale ads.  I am a loyal CVS girl.  However, the past few weeks at CVS have been pretty sad.  No free items and hardly any good sales.  Almost out of necessity I decided to look at the Rite Aid and Walgreens inserts…and WOW who knew?!?!  Freebies galore!  This week there are over 13 free items to be had at Rite Aid.  Here’s what I snagged:

First make sure you have a Rite Aid loyalty card (I had to sign up for one on Sunday).  Rite Aid gives you “money back” just like CVS…here they are called UP+  This UP+ can be spent just like cash (or store credit).  The goal is always to acquire some UP+ (or extra care bucks or Register rewards depending on what store you are in) in your first transaction, then use this “store money” instead of your own to buy the remainder of your items.  Thank goodness there was no one else in the store (maybe everyone else is intimidated by the exterior of my Rite Aid’s building) because I had 5 transactions.  The cashier was so helpful and friendly it was a wonderful experience.

Rite Aid 10/09/11

Transaction #1

preparation H wipes (hey they were free and you never know!)

    • Bought (1) on sale for $3.00 (normally 4.99)
    • Used (1) $2 off/1 manufacturer coupon (printable on their website)
    • = $1 money maker!

Total: Paid $1.00 out of pocket, got back 3 UP+


Transaction #2

Rite Aid Hand sanitizer

  • Bought (1) at 2.00
  • Get back (2 UP+) = FREE

Cepacol Max Honey cough drops

  • Bought (1) on sale for $2.50 (normally 4.99)
  • Got back (2.50 UP+) = FREE

Total: Used 3 UP+ from transaction #1 and paid $1.03 out of pocket, got back 3.50 UP+


Transaction #3

Chloroseptic throat spray

  • Bought (1) at 3.99 (normally $6.49)
  • *there is a manufacture printable coupon..unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but worth a try*
  • Got back (3.00 UP+)

Blistex Lip Ointment

  • Bought (1) on sale for $1.49 (normally 2.79)
  • Got back (1.49 UP+) = FREE

Total: Used 3.50 UP+ from transaction #2 and paid 1.98 out of pocket, got back 4.49 UP+


Transaction #4

NeilMed Nasal Spray

  • Bought (1) at $5.00 (normally $7.99)
  • Got back 5.00 UP+= FREE

Total: used 4.49 UP+ from transaction #3, and paid $.51 out of pocket, got back 5 UP+

Transaction #5 since I didn’t know if I would go back to Rite Aid again, I used the remaining 5 UP+ to buy some stuff we needed

Pet Lint Brush

Bought (1) in clearance for $1.49


Bought (1) for $1.00 *only one in picture


Bought (1) for $1.00 *only one in the picture

Burts Bees Cough Drops

  • Bought (1) on sale for $1.49
  • Got back (1.49 UP+)

Total: Used 5 UP+ from transaction $3, paid NOTHING out of pocket and got $1.49 UP+ left over

I paid less than $5 for all of the items pictured above…my family is ready for flu and cold session with all these freebies.  You should check it out 🙂


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