Life Lessons

A plan is the key to success!

Always Remember:
A goal without a plan is just a wish
A plan witout accountability is just a good idea
I applaud anyone who decides to take control over an aspect of their life by setting out clear cut resolutions. Whatever your goal for 2012 may be; to lose 15lbs, start using coupons, save money for a new home, or spend more time with family etc it is critical to lay out a clear cut plan for how you will make these changes. It’s no surprise to me that 90% of new years resolutions fail. People have wonderful goals and tons of motivation to make success happen, but lack the map for how to get there.  This map can change course based on what’s happening in your life or the rate at which your achieving results. Even if it’s the simplest plan such as I will check out a book from the library on nutrition….that is a start, a plan of attack. To be successful you must have a plan ( even a trip to the grocery store requires a good couponing plan to save the most money).

Next, how will you determine how successful your plan is? I can hear some of you now, that’s simple Diana, I will know I’m losing Weight based on changes in my clothes or how the scale is moving. But how about for those of you with other goals. If you want to spend more time with family, how will you track it? Perhaps journaling everyday what you did might work?  It’s easy to think your making progress ( the old yah I worked out a few times last week)….data doesn’t lie so it’s super important to figure out some way to track progress and hold yourself accountable ( when written down you may realize your actually only working out once a week).

As I touched on the other day, finances and fitness are my top resolution priorities. Every day I want to do something which positivity benefits the four ‘F’s in my life: finance, fitness, family and friends.

My plan write now is loose, I am starting small by simply brining awareness to and carving out time for each ‘F’. I will hold myself accountable with this blog and every evening documenting what I did per category.

Yesterday I did the following:

Fitness: I worked out for an hour and created a nutrition plan for myself this week
Finance: I read a chapter from Suzie Orman’s book Woman and Money owning the power to control your destiny and created an account on learnvest (more on this later)
Family: wrote thank you notes for christmas gifts
Friends: called a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while to see how her holidays were
So, how are your resolutions going so far? What’s your plan for success?


One thought on “A plan is the key to success!

  1. Tiny request; please change back to a bigger font for those of us, um, “older” readers 🙂

    Oh, and may I recommend “Making the Most of your Money Now” by Jane Bryant Quinn? It is a BIG book, but the advice is spot-on. In fact, if you promise to read it and review it on your blog, I will send you a copy. This is the book I wish I had written 🙂

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