Shopping (aka barganing)

2012: Fixing Finances and Fitness! (bringing coupons back!)


I have not visited a CVS (Walgreens, Rite Aid, or any other drug store for that matter) since Black Friday.  Okay, full disclosure…I haven’t even clipped a coupon since then! Every Sunday the paper came and rather than tending to the savings right away, I threw all inserts into a huge pile.  Day in and day out that stack haunted me.  They beckoned to be clipped, and despite having ‘ORGANIZE COUPONS’ dominating the number one spot on my “to do” list, I left them to collect dust.

A month of unclipped coupons

Here I am a full month later, fresh into a new year, and with finances on the forefront of my mind I knew it was time to take action.  If I was going to stick to my New Years Resolutions and every day doing something great for the “4 F’s” in my life it was time to bring couponing back.


Step #1:  Brew two cups of coffee and clip all the coupons



Once I had all the coupons clipped and organized into my binder I could finally scan the weekly store adds for sales.  Last entry I mentioned how important it is to have a plan.  This is so true for bargain shopping!  Look through the weekly add and circle any item your family uses.  Then look through your coupons to see if you have a match.  Only buy something if it is on sale AND you have a coupon for it.  Also check out one of my favorite blogs for coupon match up ideas of things you might have missed.

Make a list (check it twice) and collect all coupons needed into a pile



With my well planned list, coupons organized, and re-usable shopping bags in hand I was ready to take on CVS!  And I’ve gotta tell you …I missed it!  I missed scanning my card at the magic coupon machine, I missed Extra Care Bucks, and I really missed getting stuff for free!  Here is what I walked home with today, and the break down on how I did it:

CVS 01-09-12

Total Spent Out of Pocket: $4.71

Value of Items: $30.13

Remaining Extra Care Bucks: $1


Transaction #1:

  • Peanut M&M –on sale for $.75 (get back .75 ECB)== FREE
  • GE light bulb–on sale for $2.99 (normally $7.30) get back 2 ECB== $99 total
  • -Used 2 ECB
  • -Total $1.74 out of pocket, got 2.75 ECB back

Transaction #2

  • CVS vitamin D–on sale for $3.49 (get back 3.49 ECB)= FREE
  • -Used 2.75 ECB from transaction #1
  • -Total paid $.74 out of pocket, got back 3.49 ECB

Transaction #3

  • Thermacare warming tablets
  • bought (2) at $5.79 (get 3 ECB when you buy 2)
  • -used $2.00 off 1 theraflu product (from this week paper)
  • -used $3.00 off 1 therfaflu product (from this week paper_
  • -Used 3.49 ECB from transaction #2
  • -Total $1.74 out of pocket

Transaction #4

  • Milk–on sale for $3.49 (get back 1 ECB)
  • -Used 3 ECB from transaction #3
  • -Total paid $.49 out of pocket, got back 1 ECB for next week


Aww, feels good to be back!  Organized, and saving money again 🙂





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