Shopping (aka barganing)

A MUST read for all moms!!!!

Actually, who am i kidding?!  This deal is so amazing that even friends and family of moms should race out and grab this sale!!  If you have an upcoming baby shower to attend (like I do) this will make a wonderful addition to their gift.

Here is the low down:

This week at Rite Aid Jumbo packs of Pampers are on sale for $9.99 each!! (normally $15)  But wait, it gets even better.  When you spend $30 on P&G products you get $10 back.  And of course there is more!!  Until Tuesday March 6th when you spend $25 on Pampers you get $5 back.  So, what does that mean?  Let me show you.  Here is my haul from Rite Aid and CVS today.


Rite Aid:

  • Buy (3) Jumbo packs of Pampers @ $9.99
  • Use (3) $1.50/1 coupons *these were printed online or there are $1/1 coupons from paper a few weeks ago
  • Spend $ 25.47 out of pocket, get back $15!!!
  • So, you end up spending $10.47 total for 3 jumbo packs of diapers, only $3.49 each
  • that’s only $3.49 per package or $.03 per diaper!!!  CRAZY!!


We LOVE Arizona Arnold Palmer and ice teas in my house…this week they are buy one get one

Mini Cadbury eggs are my weakness in life…these were also buy one get one free

Jelly beans are FREE! and Milk has ECB’s with it this week!

Here is the low down of my CVS trip:

  • Buy (2) mini eggs—get (2) free
  • Buy(2) full size cadbury eggs—get (2) free
  • Buy (4) Arizona Ice Teas—get (4) free *limit 10 per household*
  • Buy (1) jelly beans at $.99 get $.99 ECB back, making them FREE!
  • Buy (1) milk at $3.49, use (1) $1.00 off coupon, get $1 ECB back= $1.49 for gallon of milk!

In total I spent $10.05 at CVS for $17.87 worth of items and have 2 ECB for next week

Happy Shopping.  Remember, the Rite Aid deal is only good through Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “A MUST read for all moms!!!!

  1. You can purchase a washable diaper (Fabric-formed diaper), instead of buying it weekly/monthly. You can just buy three diapers and use them for the whole year. We have that kind of diaper in our country and I bet your developed country might have it as well. I can say that your a wise mom!

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