SUPER mom!

I am an only child. The only child to incredibly generous, independent, ridiculously smart individuals who raised me to work hard. I am not the type of person who can sit idly, and have worked two jobs for as long as I can remember. Before my son was born my husband and I often joked that if our kids inherited his brains (he has his PhD working as a post doc at Harvard Medical) and my work ethic, they would be President of their own company by age 12. Landon, LD as I call him, is only 3 months old; check back in 11 years for updates on our future CEO.

My future CEO

My future CEO

The downside to such independence and a strong work ethic is that I don’t know how to let others help me. I spend my life in perpetual motion…working at one of my two jobs, prepping for one of said jobs, compulsively cleaning, laundering, organizing, cooking, or caring for our new son. While I was pregnant my mom told me that I was going to have to learn to let some things go, or to allow others to help me. Originally I scoffed at the idea. Why would I let someone do something for me that I am perfectly capable of doing myself?

The 2013 mother has a brand new set of ideals laid out for her that just didn’t exist 30 years ago. This SUPER mom title all women feel compelled to live up to…I call it the pinterest phenomenon. I mean why shouldn’t we all be able to juggle a successful career, prepare daily gourmet dinners, keep an immaculate house, dress a size 0 body in haute couture fashion, flaunt impeccably manicured nails and perfect hair, while baking from scratch cake pops for our kids birthday party in-between brunch with girlfriends and date night with the hubby? Right? Yah, right! Well, my mom was correct…you have to learn to let some things go. While I still always have a pretty intact manicure and can throw together an edible meal for dinner each night, I have had to learn to let some things slide, and allow others to step in and help out. It’s okay if the floors are vacuumed every other day instead of each day, if my husband doesn’t give LD a bath exactly the way I would, and take out for dinner once a week instead of a labor intensive recipe will not kill us!

We have to remind ourselves that what’s really important is that our kids are happy and healthy, that this 2013 pinterest mother does not exist. It is okay to ask for help, and sometimes just accomplishing a shower before 9pm does make you SUPER mom!


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