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Life is full of choices…choose to work out!

Life with kids is COMPLETELY different than life without them.

In my pre LD days I had ample time to work out, blow dry my hair, shop (in an actual store, not just online), and cook gourmet meals. Granted I wasn’t serving foie gras or turducken every night, but I was baking homemade bread and preparing pasta from scratch. Now I am lucky if I can get out of the house without spit up on my shirt, and something resembling a meal simmering in the crock pot for dinner when I return home.

This amazing thing happens when you become a mother. Your life is no longer your own. Things that were once preferences or part of your daily routine become a choice…and any good parent will always choose their child. This is why deciding to work out has been tough for me. As a working mother I am forced to spend 9 hours a day away from my child. I only have 3 precious hours each night before he goes to sleep, and it is impossible to choose using one of those hours to work out. Do I want to sweat on the stair climber or get my om on in yoga? YES! Would I rather read LD a story or play blocks? YES!

In order to spend every possible moment with him, I have to work out while he is still sleeping each morning (which is really hard since he is still not sleeping through the night, and at 5am all I really want to do is hit the snooze alarm)!

To maximize my chances of exercising every day I decided to start working out at home most mornings, and on the days that I am feeling really motivated (or have a client) go to the gym. Yesterday I started the INSANITY workout program, and I gotta tell ya…it’s hard! As fitness professional I have often rolled my eyes at the infomercial, laughed at 3 easy payments of $39.99 pricing, and thought to myself no one could possibly get results from working out at home!

(picture from

(picture from

Well, a co-worker of mine (at the finance company, not the gym) loaned me the program and so far I LOVE it! There are a lot of different 40min videos and a calendar telling you which one to complete on each day.

Tomorrow is a new day filled with new choices! Let’s hope I choose to work out, and not hit the snooze alarm!


4 thoughts on “Life is full of choices…choose to work out!

  1. How have you been liking the Insanity workout? I’ve been curious about it. My husband and I have tried P90X. He still does it, while I prefer to get out (when I can!) for my workouts. Which means, like you, getting up when it’s still dark to “get my om on.” (I love that phrase!)

    • I like the Insanity workout a lot! Unfortunately, I had to put them on hold until we move. There is A LOT of jumping, and being on the second floor I was disturbing the neighbors at 5:30am. After we move in two weeks (two a first floor apt I will start up again) How was P90X? I really want to do that one, but don’t have any equipment

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