Mo' money, Mo' problems / Mommy-hood


LD survived his first two weeks of daycare. My husband and I on the other hand did not escape unscathed.

Children are little germ machines, and don’t let those cute gummy grin’s fool you, they are just oozing with cooties! Now I’m not sure if my little stud already has a girlfriend he is swapping spit with, or if he is just sharing slobber toys with all of his buds, but either way he came down with his first cold. Congestion, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, you name it; my little dude had it…which of course he so generously shared with mom and dad.

Cooties! Remember this game?

Needless to say, my new found energy and commitment to a morning INSANITY workout was placed on hold. As soon as I can breathe out of my nose, I will try again. (Trust me you need oxygen for those workouts)

Things on the finance front have also been slow. I opened a brokerage account, but have yet to add any funds to begin investing. I did however enroll in a class. Luckily my company will pay for any classes related to business or finance, and my job has a LOT of downtime in which I can study. Thank goodness because there is absolutely zero time at home for flashcards. This class prepares you to take the Series 65 exam (Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination). Basically, if I pass the class and exam I will be certified to give financial advice. Ha! Imagine that, this blog could actually contain real financial advice. Even if I decide not to take the test, at the very least I will have learned a TON of valuable information about finances to help me on my personal journey.

Takes me back to the college days!

The first section is all about Equity and Debt securities. Basically teaching:
• The basic features of common and preferred stock
• Features of government, municipal and corporate debt
• American depositary receipts (ADRs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs)

As soon as I really know what I’m talking about in these topics I will pass along any valuable information to you. In the meantime please excuse me while I pop some throat lozenges and make some tea…I have to prep my immune system for the next attack inevitably striking our household from the daycare cooties! Awww my little germ machine…good thing his cute! 🙂


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