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Cycling Class = Epiphany!

Thursday I attended a cycling class for the first time since having LD. (I tried once while pregnant and it’s really tough to pedal with a large belly in the way, so that was the end of that). I’m not exactly sure what happened during that 60 min session but something “clicked”.

Cycling class

Sweat pouring down my face and completely “in the zone” I realized 4 things:

1.) I love fitness. I mean like I REALLY love fitness. I love to sweat, I love that “workout high”, I love knowing I am doing something great for my body; I love the atmosphere, and all the people you meet. I love training clients and seeing them achieve their goals. I love everything about fitness, and after working in this industry for almost 10 years I can honestly say I still love it as much today as I did when I received my first certification. Fitness is a large part of who I am, and I must figure out a way to keep it in my life.

2.) I miss teaching. While in college I joined a local gym and started taking group fitness classes. I was instantly hooked on Body Pump. (A one hour strength class that targets the entire body). I was so inspired by my instructor. I wanted to be her, and inspire others the way she had me. I am forever grateful to the two wonderful ladies who years later helped me achieve my dream of becoming an instructor. Being a group fitness instructor led to becoming a personal trainer, which led to me becoming a group fitness manager, and then a gym manager.

Unfortunately once I moved to Boston the gym I work for does not encourage their trainers to also teach group fitness classes…so I stopped teaching. Watching the instructor turn up the music, help set up people’s bikes, call out cues and motivation reminded me how much I miss that! I love the group dynamic. I want to teach again, and since things aren’t going well at my current gym anyway maybe I will find another one that will allow me teach.

3.) I am important. Every day I tell LD “You are sweet, you are smart, you are loved, you are important.” The funny thing about being a mom is it’s easy to forget about that you are also important. We poke fun at ourselves how some days we don’t have time to shower, that getting dressed can mean changing from PJ’s into yoga pants, we chop our hair because we just don’t have time to fix it, and never want to spend any money on ourselves. But we are important too…and a happy mom means a happy family.

Everyday I complain about not having enough time to work out. My husband will tell me “you need to go to the gym”. Of course like every rational woman I take that as “my husband thinks I’m fat and need to work out.” What he is really means is: that he knows how much I love to work out, and that I need it for my mental health. I am a mom yes, but I am also a person…an important person and it is okay for me to take time for myself. For one full hour I was happy. Well, I am always happy, what I am trying to say is I was happy for no other reason than I was doing something for me! Not my son, not my husband, not a job or a family member…it was a completely selfish hour all about me, and it was wonderful!

4.) I have an amazing family. I came home from the class to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Lilie’s my favorite), dinner on the table, and LD laughing at my husband’s Donald Duck impersonation. In that moment I realized how truly blessed I am. The dinner and flowers were a simple reminder that I am appreciated. My son’s laugh was a sign to me that we are doing a good job as parents as he is happy and healthy. In that moment everything was right in my world.

Lilies! My favorite

Who knew a simply cycling class could cause such an epiphany!


2 thoughts on “Cycling Class = Epiphany!

  1. I love my cycling and Body Pump classes too! My friends think I’m a fitness fanatic, but really, I just love the classes. If I had to work out in the free weight room or ride a stationary bike by myself, I would probably never work out 🙂 There is just something about the music, combined with a good teacher, that inspires me to push hard…and later in the day, I feel really good (physically and mentally).

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