“Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk”

This post has nothing to do with Living Leaner. So if you subscribe to this blog to follow my financial quest, or fitness suggestions, you can just skip right over this one. Seriously.

I arrived at work this morning with intentions of writing about the snow storm which blanketed Boston with over two feet of snow this weekend. Now if I can just make it to 5pm without crying I will consider today a success.

I forgot my pump at home.

Like most working mothers I have the joy of juggling a full time job (in my case a part time one as well), picking the kid up from daycare, keeping the house clean, and all family members fed. Since I cannot be with my 4 month old son all day I must escape from my desk twice a day to pump…which I loathe!

At 10:30am I excuse myself from my desk, grab my bag and head to the closet (sadly my office does not have a mother’s room). I look in my bag and see…NOTHING! Amidst the morning chaos I forgot to pack my pump.

Now not only am I in engorgement hell, I will also not have any bottles to send my child to daycare with tomorrow. Awesome.

Whoever coined the phrase “don’t cry over spilled milk” was obviously not a mother!

When your a mom, its okay to cry over spilled milk!


4 thoughts on ““Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk”

  1. Oh my. >_< I don't want to laugh at your plight, but I kind of have to- but it's a commiserate laugh. Years ago- when Aidan was nursing, I was working in an Arby's- absolutely NO place to pump and I needed the money so I didn't raise a big stink about it. The first night I worked longer than four hours- OH MY GOD ENGORGED. I ended up in the bathroom, milking myself into the sink- bawling over spilled milk.

  2. I’ve done that….more than once. When it happens I drive home and get whatever it was the I forgot, and then swing by the daycare to nurse my son. I’ve always been too afraid to not pump during the day, scared that it would mess with my supply too much and/or that I’d leak all day.

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