Life in Between

It’s one of those days. Yeah, you know the ones!

It’s one of those days. You know the ones when you feel like you are moving in slow motion. Staring at the clock wishing that second hand could move just a little bit faster!

No problem, I will just speed things up myself! (picture from

I should preface this post by saying I love my job. Well, maybe love is a little bit extreme. I love my part time job as a trainer; the full time one pays the bills. Everyone I work with is very nice, I have a beautiful view overlooking the ocean, and the company offers amazing benefits, but the job itself is a bit boring!

I’m so bored!! (Picture from

I went to school for 4 years and majored in Biochemistry. I spent 6 years working in the pharmaceutical industry as an analytical chemist and microbiologist. Now, I answer phones, get the mail, and order catering for events. Granted my position is within a financial firm so I am learning a great deal about the stock market and portfolio building, while they are paying for me to take the series 65. I realize I am very fortunate to have a job; one that pays well, where I like the people, and encourages me to further my education. But for the most part my job is a little BORING!

I use the majority of my down time (about 6 hours a day) to study for the class or write a blog entries. However on days like today when the office is slow and I don’t feel like studying it feels like 5 o’clock Is. Never. Going. To. Get. Here!

2:03pm— • I have checked 14 times already today. I am fully up to date on the world’s news and secretly hope a fire will break loose somewhere creating a new headline to follow

2:38pm- • I think I’ll make a cup of coffee, surly that will take AT LEAST a half hour

2:41pm— • Nope, only took me 3 minutes

3:15pm— • Decided to study a little bit for my class…learned that a unit investment trust (UIT) is an unmanaged investment company under a trust indenture. They do not have a board of directors or employee advisers and do not actively manage their own portfolios. I think that’s good enough for today

3:26pm- • Checked facebook on my phone. Apparently everyone must be having a boring day as there are no interesting status updates

3:34pm— • A minute is a long time. Like a really long time

3:50pm— • How is that even possible, surly it must be 5’oclock by now!

4:12pm— • Ooohh Jay Z and Justin Timberlake are going on tour together

4:29pm— • Planning my escape…by the time I get my stuff together and commuter shoes on it will surely be 5pm


4:58pm— • Good enough


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