Great moms ride the Boston Dir(T)

I am a happy baby!

I am a good mother. In fact, I am a great mother.

I will be the first to admit there are many things in life I am terrible at, such as parallel parking and folding laundry. I can’t spell to save my life nor do I have a green thumb, but when it comes to parenting I excel!

Yes, I know I am “tooting my own horn” so to speak, but I truly believe we as parents are not praised often enough. Raising a child is hard work, a thankless job, and one that is all too often criticized by others.

My sister in law told me she is often “judged” for allowing her two year old son to still use a pacifier. Other friends have been “shunned” for nursing in public. I was recently scolded by a stranger for having my son on the subway (never mind he was asleep, in an ergo carrier, and we were going one stop).

It’s funny… the moment you tell the world you are expecting a baby EVERYONE all of a sudden has an opinion on how to raise your child:

“I think you should name him this”
“you can’t drink caffeine while you’re pregnant”
“Don’t hold that baby so much, you will spoil him”
“Only use cloth diapers they are gentler on baby’s skin”
“Pampers are better than huggies”
“Put rice cereal in his bottle before bed and he will sleep better”
“Don’t feed them rice cereal it will cause allergies”

I know I’m a good mother, my husband knows I’m a good mother, and obviously my son thinks so (just watch his laugh). However, despite confidence in my ability to not only keep my child alive, but to raise him to become a happy, healthy, loving and compassionate human being, it still stings to have your parenting skills questioned!

The other night while I was bringing my son home from daycare, a women sitting on the train across from me shook her head and said “you should not have that baby on the T.” I just looked at her confused, words evading me. Now, if I were a true Bostonian I would have flicked her off and gone about my day. However, seeing as I am just a transient of this great city, I ultimately smiled politely and stepped off the train.

What was she trying to imply? Landon was sleeping, so I know it wasn’t because he was causing a disturbance. He was wearing a snow suit and hat, so he was properly dressed. Was she trying to suggest that the T was dirty and my son shouldn’t be riding on it?

You know what, it doesn’t matter what she was implying. I know my son was content snuggled up against me on our trek home. He is a happy healthy baby from a loving home. Parenting is a tough job and what works for one child may not work for another. Co-sleeping is not for me, but I know many families where it works! You want to breastfeed your child until they are 4 (I find it weird, but hey who am I too judge). If it works for you awesome!

Remember that every child is different and we all have unique situations, and just because my parenting choices differ from yours do not make me a bad mom. I am a good mom…a bad driver and terrible singer (sadly my singing would rival that of American Idol hopeful William Hung) but a great mom!
Even great moms ride the Boston Dir(T)

Landon giggles

Landon giggles


4 thoughts on “Great moms ride the Boston Dir(T)

  1. Great article! Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone with this one. I smiled while reading it because I’ve experienced so many of the things you’ve mentioned. And don’t worry, I can’t parallel park either!

  2. Thanks for checking out my post and leaving me a comment. I love to see other Mom’s who have an opinion. And you are so right, each and every child is so greatly different. What worked for my first definitely didn’t work for the rest. No one can raise your child better than you. The lady on the train maybe didn’t learn that it isn’t her place to judge or the time tested “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” 🙂

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