Mommy Moment #341

I did not want to come to work today.

Not because I am dreading an impending deadline or have a big meeting to attend. I like my boss, all my co-workers and the job in general, but I can’t help wishing I could have had a little more time at home. I didn’t want to come to work today simply because I did not want to leave my son.

On a typical day I train a client at 6am, workout briefly myself, shower and make it into the office by 8:30am. I usually do not get to see my smiling baby’s face until I pick him up from daycare around 5:30pm. This morning my client canceled, allowing me the rare opportunity to sleep in. I awoke to the sound of laughter and chatter emanating from my son’s room (He must get this trait from me, as his father is NOT a morning person).

We snuggled, sang songs and played. I savored every moment of getting him dressed for school (we call his daycare school). I sit at my desk now smiling…remembering how my heart melted as his lips turned into that huge gummy grin, the sweet sound of giggles erupting as I tickeled his feet. One of my favorite mommy moments.

Six more hours until I can wrap my arms around him and kiss those chubby cheeks. Just six more hours until I can create another great memory, a keepsake to help get me through days like this.

Days when I just don’t want to come to work.


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