Libester Award!


What was that? Did you say I was nominated for the Libester award? Little old me? Really?


Well, why Thank you!

Seriously, a HUGE thank you to Amy from Postcards from my guilt trip for nominating my little blog. I am really flattered.

What makes the Libester award so cool is that it is awarded to up and coming bloggers who embody the meaning/ German definition of the word Libester: “sweetest, Valued, Favorite!” To accept the nomination I am supposed to answer the following questions set out by Postcards from my guilt trip to help everyone get to know me, and then nominate other blogs that inspire me every day.

Other “rules”
.You must thank the person who gave you the nomination
.Post the award on your blog!
.Notify your nominees with a link back to your post
.Create a new set of questions for those I nominate

Amy’s questions to me:
1) If you had to pick one song to play on a continuous loop in your casket for all of eternity, what would it be?
– *drawing a blank. Honestly, I think I would prefer silence. Maybe my son’s sound machine set to “waves” I could tolerate for eternity.

2) Favorite food?
-as a self-proclaimed “foodie” this is a tough question to answer, as I am a little promiscuous in terms of food. I am not loyal to any one style and enjoy all varieties. I guess I would have to say my favorite food would be peanut butter. I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff, and eat at least a tablespoon every day….Straight off of the spoon, and then have a tendency to leave said spoons lying around the house.

3) Best vacation ever?
-hands down our “baby moon” to Alaska last year. Taking a helicopter ride over the glaciers was UNBELIEVABLE! This picture does do justice to how beautiful it is there.

On top of Taku glacier

On top of Taku glacier

4) Screw, Marry, Kill… Gilbert Godfrey, Weird Al Yankovic, and Mike Tyson
-That’s just plain mean! *gulp* I guess
Screw-Mike Tyson
MarryGilbert Godfrey–could NOT put up with the voice. Marry-Weird Al Yankovic
Kill-Gilbert Godfrey

5) What is your favorite swear word?
-My husband says I have a “sailor mouth”…and he is kind of right. I really need to clean up my act before my son knows what I’m saying. I think “damnit” is my word of choice

6) What famous character in a book, movie, or tv show is most similar to you?
-I don’t really know.

7) Any tattoos?

8)  Hall pass or celebrity crush that you would totally sleep with if the opportunity presented itself?
My husband and I have an agreement that if I ever meet Jason Lewis (Smith Jared from Sex and the City) I am allowed to go out with him…yeah, as if I stood a chance with him! And if the hubby ever meets Scarlet Johanson he is allowed to look at her, no he can go out with her to dinner.

image from comicbookdrama.com

image from comicbookdrama.com

9)      Most embarrassing moment?
My most embarrassing moment actually happened pretty recently. I forgot my pump at home and was forced to “hand express” in the bathroom to avoid engorgement pain. When I finally exited the bathroom 30 mins later a co-worker of mine gave me a dirty look. I’m not sure which is more embarrassing, that she thought I was “stinking up the room” for half an hour or that I was actually hand milking myself.

10) Last meal?
Two eggs over easy with buttered white toast and grits.

11)   Why do you write?
I write for my own sanity sake. Honestly, I forget there are people out there who actually read this little blog of mine. Writing is an outlet for me. A way to hold myself accountable to things I want to achieve. A way to process what’s going on in my life. My very own grown up “Diary” so to speak.

My Nominees for the Libester award are:

1.) Don’t Panic Just Parent
2.) Undeaddad
3.) Being Mummy
4.) Mama Bear Blogs
5.) Where’s the f*#king mommy manual
6.) live now and zen
7.) Designer bags to diaper bags
8.) The Pledge of Kindness
9.) Thelocavoresdilemma
10.) From Playgrounds to Politics
11.) The Runaway Mama

And My questions for them:
1.) What is the single greatest moment of your life thus far?
2.) Would you like to live to 100?
3.) How do you take your coffee? Cream and sugar or straight up?
4.) What fictional character would you like to meet and why?
5.) What prompted you to start your blog?
6.) Who would you really love to read your blog?
7.) Tell us one of your guilty pleasures?
8.) What’s your favorite holiday?
9.) What is your favorite book?
10.) What is one thing you should throw away but just can’t bring yourself to do it?
11.) Name one thing that makes you, YOU.


5 thoughts on “Libester Award!

  1. Okay, the embarassing moment thing made me snicker. I did the same thing with my daughter when I didn’t have my pump and was hurting too badly to wait. It makes you feel weird, but that’s the price of feeding them nature’s nectar. 🙂 I’m with my son 24/7, so I haven’t had to do that with him yet. I have lost nursing pads and had a nice milky spot in an awkward spot on my shirt, though, which my husband thought was stinkin’ hilarious. lol

      • I don’t mind nursing in public as long as I’m not flashing people. I don’t with my son as frequently now because he doesn’t like to be covered, so I have to be situated right or folks will get an eyeful. lol It is what babies were meant to do, so I don’t get why people get weird about it, but they do.

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