My alarm clock (aka my son) is broken.

This morning my alarm clock (aka my son) didn’t go off.

Landon is as predictable as the sunrise. Every morning (and I do mean every morning, including the weekends) at exactly 6:30am LD’s eyelids pop open, and he is ready to start the day. Much like his mother, Landon is a morning person and awakes happy each morning, laughing and ‘talking to himself.’ This contagious laughter is what wakes my husband and me.

This morning, I groggily turned to look at the clock. The red numbers flashing at me read 7:30am!! It took a moment to realize what time it was before panic set it…not because 7:30am is the time I should be leaving the house to make it to work on time, but because there was a lack of babbling emanating from LD’s room.

I sprang from my bed and bolted into his room only to find my little boy happily snoozing away. After the initial worry subsided I realized I was late. VERY late for work.

Landon is almost 6 months old now. He is fussy and cranky from these two little pesky teeth trying to break through. He has not been sleeping well…which means his parents have not been sleeping well.

The deadly combination of a teething child, two jobs, and packing to move into our new house this weekend has exponentially increased the stress levels and proportionately decreased the sleep levels.

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I have to remind myself that I will sleep again someday, probably not until Landon is 18 and gone off to college. Until then, cheers to another cup of coffee and a reminder to set an actual alarm clock…not just your child.


7 thoughts on “My alarm clock (aka my son) is broken.

  1. That is so funny! My oldest is 7 years old and youngest is 2 1/2. We have finally started setting an alarm clock in the past few months for the first time in almost 8 years and honestly we probably still don’t need it. There has only been a handful of times that it has gone off before one of the kids is up first!

  2. I get the same surprise when I awake to discover my 6-year-old hasn’t slunk into our bed in the wee-hours of the night. I always find myself checking on him to ensure he’s okay, marveling that he stayed in his bed all night.

    • uh oh. Our son is huge! If he is going to try to slip into our bed in the middle of the night like your 6-year old we are going to need to upgrade to a king size bed….our queen size is already tight quarters with two adults and two pets.

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