Tell me moms, how do you do it?! - I can't help you right now. Mommy's nail polish is drying!!

Tell me fellow moms…How on earth do you manage to paint your fingernails?

I love nail polish, and have a collection which would rival that of your local nail salon (when you know how to work over CVS with coupons and extra care bucks you build up quite a large free stash).

Before my son was born I used to paint my own fingers and toes weekly. While I was pregnant I would treat myself to a mani/pedi every other week. I know that’s sounds like a luxury and not living lean, but if you saw how swollen my poor feet were you would agree that pedicure was a necessity!

Now that LD has entered my life I can’t quite figure out how to paint my nails. As soon as I lug the overflowing baskets of OPI out into the living room for a little pampering he wakes up from his nap. It’s like he has a sixth sense…Ooohhh mom is painting her fingernails I need something!

Not my nailpolish…sadly, my collection may be larger

My son is almost six months old, and I have successfully painted my nails ZERO times throughout the course of his life. The last time I had a decent at home manicure was while I was in labor. (I painted my nails to distract myself from the contraction pains). Yesterday I begged my husband to pick LD up from daycare so I could visit my favorite nail salon. Since it was my birthday he couldn’t really protest, and it was okay to splurge the money.

But, I’m just wondering how you mommas do it? Is it possible to have pretty nails AND a baby?

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16 thoughts on “Tell me moms, how do you do it?!

    • my nails are going to look like my 6 month old painted them himself if I wait until he goes to bed to pamper them. But I think your on to something with the quick-dry nailpolish. With all of the bottles I own, I don’t think a single one is quick dry. Next week I’ll have a cup of coffee and attempt quick dry after he goes to bed.

  1. Mine is 14 and there is still no way I could paint my nails.. In fact, painting my finger nails is so far down the list, it’s not even funny. We are way too busy, and too active. Even if I was willing to find the time, they’d be all chipped within a week! Now, I will admit, several years ago, maybe 10 years ago, I went and had a pedicure. I live in flip flops, and love having pretty polish on my toes. It took a bit, but I finally decided that $30 for 1 hour of ME TIME was totally worth it. Sometimes it’s more, usually it is less, but for 1 hour I don’t have to think and I get a foot massage and walk away with pretty toes. It’s very good for my mommy well-being! And, twice a year Mr. T comes with me and they deal with his yucky boy feet, and he loves the attention!

  2. I’m with Linda. Quick-dry polish is great. Also, use gloves when cleaning or washing dishes to help the polish last a bit longer.

  3. How funny?! I just started a post that mentions this very topic! 😀
    But I actually include my daughter (4 years) in the process. I paint her nails first and explain that if she wants her nails to look fabulous like Mommy’s that she has to sit still until I say they are dry. Also, investing in a really good Quick Dry top coat doesn’t hurt either!

  4. I wait until my kids are in bed, then use “Out the Door” (from Target) or Essie “Good to Go” quick dry top coat. I also get gel manicures every once in a while!

  5. I hear ya…I haven’t had a pedi in almost 2 or 3 years! Sure, I try to give myself one to save money, but it is not the same! These feet seriously need a professional pedicure.

  6. Sally Hansen Insta Dry is genius ! So many colours to choose from too. I thought no way will this work and in less than 2 minutes I was back to picking up toys and making ponytails. And I don’t even cringe now when my c wants her nails done 🙂
    Jay {at} Purple Eggplant

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