Reclaiming my body: these boobs are retired!

My son is 6 months old today.

How did this happen? With a blink of an eye half a year has flown by. Since Landon entered the world my perspective of time has changed. A day used to seem so long and 6 months was an eternity. Now the hands on the clock turn far too quickly, my baby boy is growing so fast and I would give anything to just pause. Savor the moment, and then continue on to the next. Pause.

Words cannot express how amazing these past few months have been. Being a mother has far exceeded my expectations. He is truly the light of my life…my purpose for being. I cannot imagine my world without him.

In addition to 6 months of joy, today marks another huge milestone with my son. The end of breastfeeding!

When LD was born I set out a goal for myself to breastfeed for 6 months. Despite our many struggles with supply issues and finding time to pump at work I was determined to keep it up. I wanted my son to have all the health benefits breast milk provided. Every day for the past 6 months I have nursed him, comforted him, and pumped twice a day at work for him…today these boobs are retiring. I know some mothers adore breastfeeding and continue to do so until their child is 3 or 4 years old. Personally I didn’t feel any additional bonding when breastfeeding as opposed to giving him a bottle. We snuggle just the same.

Today I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. No more constant dread of pumping at work, downing fenugreek pills to keep up my supply, avoiding onions and broccoli as to not make him gassy, or slathering on lanolin oil. Today I am free. Today I can finally take cold medicine to help me get over this bug he brought home from daycare, or enjoy a beer without timing it between feeds. Formula is not poison, and now that he is eating some solid foods I am comfortable with my decision. I have reclaimed my boobs…they are retired! (Unless I have more children).

Happy 6 month birthday buddy…how is it possible for you to be ½ a year old, when I have not aged a day! 😉


12 thoughts on “Reclaiming my body: these boobs are retired!

  1. I loved breastfeeding my daughter and love breastfeeding my almost-one year old son. However, by the time my daughter was about 14 or 15 months old, I had the feeling you do now. I was ready to be done. She still wanted to nurse alot and I was in pain more because she wanted to bite. I didn’t completely wean her until 17 months, and I still felt a bittersweet mixed sense of relief and my-baby-is-growing-up. I was alot less irritable with her once she weaned, because the pain and frustration was over. I think what is best for mommy and child varies with each mother and with each baby and life circumstance. It’s great that you nursed him through the most important time for him nutritionally, even though it’s not something you enjoyed. If you have another child, your experience could be completely different, though. It has been for me. 🙂

    • It has been a struggle for me…hopefully if we have more childern (and I do want to have more kids) things will be easier next time. Though I still feel 6 months deserves a pat on the back. I did my best 🙂

      • I will say the discomfort of the first time was nothing worth talking about with the second. He also hasn’t liked biting Mommy thus far, and his daddy is more comfortable with my nursing around others.It helps. 🙂

  2. Bravo! Six months is what I am aiming for as well – so 2.5 months to go. I like the nursing, but I really don’t like the pumping – such a pain and since I have gone back to work I have noticed a decrease in my supply…I do anticipate mixed emotions when we wean…but yeah, Mama wants a glass of wine (or even two!) 🙂

  3. Good job! Go have that celebratory beer, or wine, or whatever you fancy. Eat broccoli and onions until your hearts content! It will be well deserved after all of your hard work. I like how you said that breastfeeding didn’t provide you with any more bonding than bottle feeding. As a mother who had to pump exclusively, it made me smile. I had always wondered if I was missing out on a greater bonding experience. I’m phasing out my pumping all together in the next couple weeks It will allow me to regain my freedom once again…although I have been surprised at how emotional it has made me. The end of my son’s babyhood, and another chapter beginning. I fully admit I cried about it. BUT I’m looking forward to more veggies in my diet as well. 🙂

    • you didn’t miss out on anything! You have a beautiful, happy, healthy baby who loves you. Our babies know we love them and they don’t care where their food is coming from, as long as they can eat 🙂

  4. Congratulations on achieving your goal! I would do the same (wean) in a few more months if my baby stops hating the bottle (fingers crossed!)

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