The weird things moms do…without realizing we are doing them

During tonight’s evening commute to pick up my son from daycare a baby began crying on the train. I know first hand how challenging it can be to comfort your unhappy child on a packed subway. You want to quickly change their mood while disturbing as few fellow passengers as possible. I looked on to the mother with sympathy.

Not wanting her to think I was upset and staring, I quickly tore my eyes away only to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the train window. There I was bouncing up and down…rocking side to side. As if my movements could telepathically soothe the hysterical child across from me.


How many times have I subconsciously “rocked” a baby that did not belong to me?

I mean that’s totally normal right?! This has happened to all you mom’s…its like an inert mother thing? Right? *gulp*

rocking my own unhappy child (at 10 weeks old)

rocking my own unhappy child (at 10 weeks old)


22 thoughts on “The weird things moms do…without realizing we are doing them

  1. First off, that’s the cutest pout I’ve ever seen! And second, I’ll confess, you aren’t the only one that has done something, err, unconventional like that. I’m with you, it must be ingrained. We must be hardwired!! Cute story!

  2. This happened to me while I was standing in line at the store. I was rocking back and forth when I heard a baby crying. The lady behind me tapped my shoulder and said “you must have children because you are rocking as only a mom would do.” We all do it!

    • Few, I am not the only one! It’s like mom code…when you see a woman with a medla black bag you know she is a mommy…same with the swaying. You see a woman bouncing up and down in line and you know she is a mom!

    • The poor baby was in a bjorn carrier facing outwards screaming. I kinda wanted to tell them mom that the baby would be prob be happier to be held inwards to her. Crowded trains are scary…especially with all the extra military we have in Boston right now.

  3. It is definitely something wired into us mommies. My kids are now 10 and 7, yet I immediately start doing the rocking thing when I hold someone’s baby. I even did it recently when I was handed a puppy to hold. LOL!

  4. You are not alone! I think it’s in built to us women the second we become mothers and some are often born with the natural instinct to sooth children!!!

  5. We start rocking back and forth as early as pregnancy, while holding our belly. 🙂 I once was standing at a deli counter waiting for my order and realized I was pushing my shopping cart back and forth like I do with my stroller.

  6. I still do this 7 years later! Funny how instinctively we still sway and bounce and want to help a little one feel better! My husband has been known to subconsciously do this too – especially when our babes were young!
    Andie from Purple Eggplant!

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