Wish I was one of THOSE moms…

I so want to be that mom.

You know the ones with the matching lululemon outfit and perky pony tail, effortlessly gliding behind her giggling baby in the BOB jogging stroller?

I am not that mom.

I’m the mom with the mismatched socks, disheveled hair, and awkward running gate. Have you seen the image floating around the internet of the little girl depicting “this is how I feel when I run” and “this is how I actually look?” Yeah, well that’s me.

I am not a natural born runner. I have tibular tortion which causes my feet turn out as I walk (duck walk). I have bad knees from years of teaching high impact aerobics, and never quite mastered a proper running stride. I am not built for running. I am built for swimming.

Despite my many struggles I love to run, and have competed in my fair share of 5K’s and even one half marathon. It’s difficult to find time to work out as a new mom (even wrote about those struggles here). As a personal trainer I used to roll my eyes at clients when they told me “I didn’t have time to exercise.” I would think to myself that everyone has 24 hours in a day; you had time, but chose not to work out. Now as a mother I know better. Some days you literally do not have a free moment to work out. (Those of you who just rolled your eyes are obviously not parents).

While I was home on maternity leave there were many times I didn’t even have time to shower until 9pm let alone make it to the gym. I found it easiest to throw on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement first thing in the morning while my husband was still home to watch the baby. Now that I have returned to working two jobs, my time is even more limited. After picking my son up from daycare I only have 30mins or so before the whole dinner/bath/bedtime process has to begin…running is the easiest option.

Yesterday spring finally hit Boston. 60 degrees and sunny I just had to get outside and run. Now that my son is 6 month old is finally big enough to sit in the jogging stroller I decided to take it for a test drive.

Of course Landon needed his pre-work out shake.



Here’s the truth about jogging strollers that no one tells you: It is really tough to run and push a kid at the same time! You’re trying to steer with one hand and still pump the other arm for momentum. (Holding the handle bar with both hands is super awkward like holding on to the treadmill while running). At first my little man didn’t like the ride. I’m not sure if my running was embarrassing him or if he was concerned he couldn’t see me. With our daily stroller I can have him facing me.

(This is our normal stroller, now that I think about it perhaps I can run with it if I turn the handle for the big wheels in the front):



After a few moments we both hit our stride. Landon was so exhausted he fell asleep and I got a good 45min run in.

feww I'm exhausted!

feww I’m exhausted!

Maybe one day I will be one of those pretty moms, but for now I’m just happy to be running at all.

And my son, well he is just happy to be with me.




17 thoughts on “Wish I was one of THOSE moms…

  1. I have a BOB stroller, but don’t run. LOL It’s just necessary where we live because the roads & sidewalks are always a mess. The big wheels make it effortless to move around. FYI I don’t know if you were wearing lululemon in your photo, but you looked great!! (lulu or no lulu!). Very inspiring post. Keep up the great work, and remember…Landon loves you no matter what your gait looks like.

  2. woo hoo! Good for you! Just starting to get nice here in NY too. We haven’t taken our jogging stroller out for a spin yet, but looking fwd to it 🙂 My new workout regime is to prop Ian (4 months) in his bumbo chair (yes, recalled, but now they have a strap) and do yoga, jumping jacks etc while he watches. It’s kind of weird to think of your workout as a little performance but it seems to work right now. His fave is when I get on my back and do the bicycle for my abs. I also started pwer walking with him in the bjorn, facing out but that gets to my neck/shoulders after a while…

  3. Good for you. Get the run in any way you can. My kids are a bit older and I can jog when they’re in school, but it’s crucial for peace of mind and SANITY…with or without them. Enjoy the spring weather!

  4. Love this! 🙂 I’m counting the years down now until our eldest can come running with me – she’s just turning the corner (at 12) to realising she can eat what she likes as long as she works hard enough to burn it off 🙂

  5. I just tried running again for the first time since my baby and I agree with you, it’s way more difficult than I expected to push the stroller with one hand and pump with the other. By the end of my run my legs were fine but my shoulders ached!

  6. I only started running when my kids were bigger, so I never had the lucky experience to push a jogger while running. But, I can only imagine the added challenge.

    I totally agree that there are days when you literally do not have a spare moment, but if you make exercise enough of a priority (as you did), you can eventually work it it a few days a week.

  7. I’m so glad you found me, because I’m technologically challenged, and I can not find any blogs that entertain me. I keep trying, but its useless:). I’ve only read this story so far, and I love it. I look forward to reading the others…

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