Ha ha I’m not sick mom. I just wanted to play with this awesome paper!!!

My son has had a cold for what seems like FOREVER!

Poor Landon has had a continuous cough since January, and thanks to daycare his little body constantly rotates through a variety of cold symptoms. This week’s daycare specialty appears to be congestion…everyone in his class room has a runny nose. Ordinarily a cough and runny nose wouldn’t necessitate a trip to the doctor, but two nights ago when he developed swollen lymph nodes on the back of his neck we decided to have it checked out.

Luckily my 6 month old thinks the doctors office is the coolest place in the world! I mean they have awesome crinkle paper to sit on, gadgets hanging from the wall, and bead toys in the waiting room (he LOVES those things).

I love to chew bead toys!

I love to chew bead toys!

In fact, he loves the doctors so much I’m starting to think he is intentionally picking up every bug at school (daycare) just so he can come and play with this awesome paper! 🙂

Please tell me I can I buy this stuff somewhere and save myself the doctors bill? 😉


13 thoughts on “Ha ha I’m not sick mom. I just wanted to play with this awesome paper!!!

  1. Oh…my…GOSH!!!! I am in cute overload after seeing that video. He is a DOLL. I have to admit, he DOES make that crinkle paper look like fun. I might not be so irritated the next time I get a sinus infection and find myself sitting in a paper gown on top of some! 😀

  2. You captured such an incredible shot! I would continue to let him tear it up at the doctor’s office. He looks so at ease. Believe me, when kids turn two, it’s a whole another story.
    Then, he’ll be wanting to crawl into your lap. By the way, hope he feels better soon! 🙂

  3. My son is almost 3 now, and he is a bug magnet. He gets sick every few weeks and loves to stay home to get the extra attention while being babied and entertained by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is like an initiation into the world of germs.

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