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What’s the Bzz(agent)?

A few months ago a friend of mine mentioned that his wife was working as a Bzzagent. That they would receive products in the mail to try for free and then write a quick review of their experiences/opinions. Obviously this intrigued me (I mean there is no leaner way to live than to get stuff for free) so I too registered as a Bzzagent. It’s a win-win. I get to try out a product for free and in return different companies get a possible new customer for their product. Check out for how you too can become an agent!

Last week I received my first Bzzcampaign in the mail: Dr. Scholl’s gel for her!

When I worked exclusively as a personal trainer I was on my feet ALL DAY long and when I was pregnant with my son I had the largest swollen achy feet you have ever seen…I would have given anything and paid a premium price for foot relief. Now I am not on my feet nearly as much, but I still enjoy a nice comfy surface to walk on.

Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Insoles Product Claims:

•Provide energizing support and absorb shock all day long
•Feature a Dual Wave Design™ — soft blue gel cushions and provides superior shock absorption, while firmer purple gel offers added support
•Fit comfortably in everyday shoes
•Come in men’s sizes 8–13 and women’s sizes 6–10
•Sell for a suggested retail price of $12.99
•Can be found in the foot care aisle of most drugstores, grocery stores and discount mass retailers
•Offer a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying them!

My opinion of the Dr. Scholl’s insoles:

Sizing was easy: The pair I received in the mail fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10. Using a pair of household scissors they can easily be cut to fit your shoe size

Versatility: Dr. Scholl’s advertises that these inserts fit comfortably within everyday shoes. I first wanted to try them in my “everyday work flats.” You know the type…cute ballerina shoes with absolutely zero cushioning! I thought how perfect, how my favorite shoes can also be comfortable. However, when I tried to put the gel inserts in my feet spilled over the sides of the shoes. You almost need a ½ size larger shoe to accommodate the extra cushion height. The gel inserts however did fit beautifully in my sneakers (gym shoes for all you southerner’s :))

Comfort: there was a noticeable improvement in comfort with the insoles. I did feel less impact when walking on the shoes…despite the foot spillage my flat work shoes felt like comfortable running shoes.

*Note: after a quick little search on the Dr. Scholl’s website I see they also make Gel inserts for high heels!!! This might be the perfect solution for flats or pumps! Check out Dr. Scholl’s for more info

All in all I feel like these gel inserts do exactly as they claim. It provides a wonderful extra support. In fact I might buy my next pair of work flats ½ a size larger to accommodate the extra cushion, or switch to the high-heel version. The only draw back I found was that they may not work so well in shoes you already own.

And that’s the Bzz(agent)


6 thoughts on “What’s the Bzz(agent)?

  1. I just bought a pair of these TODAY! I hope I like them…my feet need support. 😦 And that agent thing is cool! Will have to look into it. Do you get to choose what types of products you’ll try? I am quite picky about food…

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