No Spend January

No Spend January

Today I received a nice little email from WordPress complete with charts, statistics, and graphs of my blog from 2013.

My blog.

Totally forgot I used to write one of those.

Even though I have been absent from my own blogging I still follow one of my favorites, Ruth from Her site is full of wonderful recipes, DIY projects, and ideas on how to live the “good life” on a little budget.

Beginning January first she is hosting a “31 days of Living Well and Spending Zero.” As soon as I saw her idea I knew it was exactly what I needed. A spending break! I’m in!

Spending Freeze!

Spending Freeze!

Dec. 31st, Day one. Setting the ground rules.

The Ground Rules:
-No Eating at Restaurants
-No coffees, Book purchases, hobbies, crafts etc
-No entertainment like movies (just writing this made me almost change my mind about the challenge)
-No clothing or toiletry purchases (except for my son’s Diapers, but I think we are stocked)
-No non-essential purchases of any kind
-Keep grocery budget at $30 a week unless absolutely necessary

What I can spend:

Money for rent, daycare, weekly grocery budget, phone, internet and gym membership.

31 days. eeekk. Maybe I should have waited until a shorter month, like February 🙂 It’s going to be a long month…and take a lot of creativity!

Happy New Year Everyone!



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