No Spend January

Let’s define the word ‘Necessity’—day 6 of No Spend Challenge

Day 6 of the “No Spend January Challenge” and I’m finally starting to feel the impact.

Saturday morning my beloved faithful vacuum cleaner of 8 years died. Kaput.

Instinctively I thought, FINALLY I can buy that Dyson I have wanted for years. I mean a vacuum is a necessity right? Well, yes, and really no.

RIP old friend

RIP old friend

My whole house is hard wood flooring. The only carpet we have is one small area rug in the living room and one in my son’s bedroom. I am one of those neat freaks that sweeps, vacuums, and mops daily (yes I vacuum my hard wood flooring). I don’t really need a vacuum cleaner…I just like to have one. I could just shake out the carpets like its 1890 and sweep/mop the remainder of the house.

Picture from

Picture from

A vacuum cleaner is not a necessity and therefor I will have to wait until February to buy a new one. (Right now I am kicking myself for just missing out on the Target Black Friday Dyson sale…I should have gotten up just a little bit earlier).

I know I am not the only one questioning the definition of the word necessity. By Saturday morning my husband was feeling the impact of our month long challenge and I overheard him say “When is January going to be over, I need a new coffee grinder.”

He NEEDS a new coffee grinder…it’s going to be a long month!


8 thoughts on “Let’s define the word ‘Necessity’—day 6 of No Spend Challenge

  1. I, too, am challenging myself this month to live with less, so it makes perfect sense that our a/c duct got clogged on January 1st! 🙂 If it’s broken, I say go ahead and fix it, although your commitment to the challenge is commendable! Good luck and glad to see you blogging again.

  2. LOL! Oh no!! That’s awful! I will tell you that many years ago I splurged on my Dyson and oh my goodness. I go from carpet to tile to rug and back again. It’s awesome. I don’t pull out my broom anymore because the Dyson does so well at sweeping!

    anyway… yay on keeping up the challenge! 😉

  3. I just love this challenge! My husband and I are planning a “fiscal fast” at some point this year and I’m hoping to be prepared for it. I am also making an attempt at buying all clothing second hand this year, especially since my children are young and grow out of everything so quickly. Good for you for sticking to it!

  4. What a fun and hard challenge! Stinks that the vacuum went out so early in the month. I guess it gives you lots of time to decide for sure what you want to replace it with. 🙂

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