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It’s Friday! Day 10 of No Spend Challenge

It’s Friday and the 10th day of my “No Spend January Challenge.”


Up until this point, I have only spent $30…the allotted weekly amount of money on groceries.

In full disclosure, yesterday I spent some non-essential money…I registered for my first full marathon.

In my defense running a marathon was one of my top goals for 2014. I applied to run the Boston Marathon for a variety of charities and due to the overwhelming volume of applications was not selected, by any of them. I promised myself that I would not let that detour me and I would register and complete a marathon this year. I decided to run the Cincinnati Flying Pigs Marathon on Sunday May 4th (where my family lives).
When I checked the website I noticed that the registration fee was going to increase next week so I bit the bullet and signed up. Why pay extra money in February just to avoid spending any money in January…didn’t make sense. Even though this spend was not ‘essential’ I feel it was totally justifiable.
Tomorrow will be my first long training run…7 miles. Wish me luck, and wish me luck that I can stick to the $30 grocery budget again and no further non-essential spending.

Money spent this month, January 2014:
-Essential (groceries): $30.84
-Non-essential: Marathon entry fee: $90
-Other expenses: $0.00



6 thoughts on “It’s Friday! Day 10 of No Spend Challenge

  1. I completely agree with spending the money now – I don’t think it should count against you at all! I started training for a 5k, that’s my goal for this year. And considering I’m old and out of shape and very overweight, I’m impressed with myself so far! I’ve been doing it on the elliptical; however, I’m about to take it out onto the streets!

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