Life Lessons / No Spend January

This just happened…

This just happened.

And it is amazing.

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Today is January 15th and for the first time this month I bought something (well, besides paying for the marathon entry fee this is the first tangible thing I have purchased). I used a Christmas gift card from my parents to pay for the coffee so it didn’t cost me any actual money, but it still feels weird. I feel like I broke a rule…

This spontaneous decision to treat myself to a coffee stems from feeling as if I am not really on a spending freeze anymore. Unfortunately, my husband and I are forced to put our “No Spend January” on pause, to be resumed February first. You see even with the best intentions, sometimes life just gets in the way and unexpected things happen.

Sadly, we have suffered a loss in our family and have to fly to Florida for a funeral. Last minute airplane tickets, hotel and rental car costs were certainly not planned expenses this month, but what you do?

I will try to keep our travel costs down, packing food to eat on the plane, use coffee gift cards etc. and then February first…BAM! Right back into the freeze!

As sad as it is to lose a loved one this reminds me exactly the reason I wanted to participate in a “No Spend January” to being with. I want to be financially free. I want to build a huge savings, to buy a house, to be able to take a vacation or have an unexpected expense. Even in just 15 days this challenge has proven to me that there are places in my budget where I can “trim the fat” and cut back. I do purchase a few non-essential items, and all that money could be going to savings. Savings that would make unforeseen incidents such as a last minute trip less painful to the wallet.

2014 is the year for more financial freedom, and I won’t let this cause me to give up.

I am going to enjoy sipping this coffee from my parents, and plot out how to make February Freeze successful. Happy Wednesday everyone.



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