No Spend January

February Freeze

Tomorrow is February 1st and will mark the first day of our month long spending freeze (for real this time).
Mid January we had an unexpected trip to Florida for family which put a halt to our “spending freeze’ and racked up quite a few unexpected costs. February first we are trying again.

So let’s try this again: January 31st Day one. Setting the ground rules.

The Ground Rules:
-No Eating at Restaurants
-No coffees, Book purchases, hobbies, crafts etc
-No entertainment like movies (just writing this made me almost change my mind about the challenge)
-No clothing or toiletry purchases (except for my son’s Diapers, but I think we are stocked)
-No non-essential purchases of any kind
-Keep grocery budget at $30 a week unless absolutely necessary

What I can spend:
Money for rent, daycare, weekly grocery budget, phone, internet and gym membership.

This month I also continue to train for my marathon…more of that on a separate post. Happy Friday!



8 thoughts on “February Freeze

  1. I would really love to do this with you 🙂 Maybe Ill try! Not sure how far Ill make it! But each month is a new beginning!

      • I know, I was telling my husband yesterday about it. But I told him $30 in grocery’s here. Lol that would only buy us milk, bread, and water. 🙂 I will blog about around day 15, Hope you follow!

      • My family receives a veggie/fruit box from Boston Organics delivered to our house each week. If you live in the Boston area I highly recommend them! Every week you get an assortment of organic veggies and fruit (as local as can be). For example last week we got a bunch of onions, potatoes, red leaf lettuce, kale, cabbage, a green pepper, a tomato, apples, kiwi, pears, carrots and a few oranges. I don’t count this in my weekly budget. The $30 a week is used to buy staples like Milk, eggs, bread, canned goods etc. So if you factor in the cost of the box we spend $60 a week

      • Oh okay, Lol. We are in Texas. The whole foods market does that but its like $75 a week, crazy I know. Well total grocery bill today came out to about $70 and I think that is fairly good 🙂

  2. Exciting!! Sounds like you are set to go! $30 is such a low spend on groceries for a family, that’s amazing!!!! How do you work your grocery budget? Well I’m looking forward to following your progress this month 🙂 and AWESOME job training for the marathon! I ran my first marathon in July last year and first ultra marathon in November 🙂

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