Marathon Training / No Spend January

Snow Day = Treadmill Run

Day 5 of the February Spending Freeze and week 5 of my marathon training.

It’s easy not to spend any money when it looks like this outside:

Photo from

Photo from

Much harder to train for my marathon. The snow forced me to run inside. A painful 5 miles on the treadmill…honestly it felt like 10. I’m going to have to load some movies onto my ipad (free ones of course) because it looks like this snow isn’t going anywhere for a while.

at least my feet are dry

at least my feet are dry


2 thoughts on “Snow Day = Treadmill Run

  1. Yup, I logged a few miles on the 1970’s stationary bike I just inherited today while there was blizzard outside…I’m not training for anything big, just trying to shave off a few LBs. 15 minutes a day on that thing is my goal.

    Good luck with your marathon training!!

  2. That’s awesome! I wish I had an at home treadmill or bike. I still had to venture outside to get to the gym, but anything is better than running outside on the ice. thanks for stopping by and keep up your 15 mins a day, that’s awesome!

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