About Me And Why I’m Living Leaner

Hi. My name is Diana. I am a new mom and fitness professional. Stop by my site for recipes, fitness tips, and mommy bits!

A few things about me, and what you can expect from this blog.

1.) I am a new mom and as any parent could tell you…every day is an adventure!

2.) Like many other Americans my number one New Year’s Resolution is to get my finances in order. I want to start a college fund for my son, and begin saving for a down payment on a house. Follow me as I learn about investments and attempt to make our assets grow.

3.) My husband and I are self-proclaimed foodies! I love to cook, and luckily he likes to eat my cooking. Almost everything I make is from scratch including home made pasta, bread, and pastries. I will most definitely share recipes and photos of my successes (inevitably a few failures as well).

4.) I work in the fitness and finance industry. Don’t be surprised if an exercise tip or two surfaces.

5.) I am an avid reader. One of my most favorite things (next to coupon savings and working out) is to sit in a library or dig through a musty box of books at a used book store.

That’s about it. Let the journey begin!


13 thoughts on “About Me And Why I’m Living Leaner

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